The Blotter April 11 2001

While conducting undercover surveillance, two Atlanta detectives entered a store on Piedmont Circle.

The first detective reported, "Upon entering, we were both charged a $3 fee for the minimum amount of tokens to view pornographic videos in a booth."

The first detective entered the booth, deposited the tokens and the videos began. "There was a white Plexiglas window on one of the walls, and there was a button on the wall that said, 'Buddy Button,' " wrote the detective. "When I pressed the button, the Plexiglas cleared up and I saw the person in the adjoining booth masturbating."

A few minutes passed, and the detective pressed the "Buddy Button" again. He saw a different man masturbating. "There were instructions near the 'Buddy Button' that basically said that the adjoining booth button had to be pressed also in conjunction to your booth's button in order to see each other in the booth," wrote the detective. "I then left the establishment. A follow-up detail will be conducted."

The detective reported that $6 in city funds was spent during the visit.

At a Chevron gas station on Peachtree Hills Avenue, an 87-year-old woman said a man with reddish hair approached her and stated the woman's car had a flat tire. The man then directed the elderly woman toward an air pump.

Then, the man jumped into the woman's '95 Buick Regal and drove away.

Police searched the area, but didn't find the car.

A 21-year-old woman was waiting outside an apartment on Collier Road when a heavyset man approached her and said his brother had been in an accident and he needed $60 for cab fare to check on his brother.

The woman gave him $60. The man got into a Dodge Ram SUV and left the scene.

A 56-year-old woman on Ponce de Leon Avenue said she received a message on her answering machine which stated that she "was going to die for that review you put on my restaurant." The message also contained a lot of cursing and obscenity.

At the Kroger on Moreland Avenue, an officer saw a 43-year-old woman in green pants and a black leather jacket limping very slowly toward the front door.

The officer asked if she was OK. The woman, who smelled strongly of alcohol, said she was OK.

"I asked the suspect if she had anything in her pants," reported the officer.

The woman said, "Yes, please don't lock me up!"

The officer asked what she had in her pants.

"Two cans of sardines. I was hungry officer, please don't lock me up."

The woman was arrested for shoplifting the sardines (valued at $1).

A 39-year-old man returned to his home on 14th Street and saw a green pick-up truck parked outside a nearby abortion clinic, which was closed for the day.

The driver, a gray-haired stocky man, got out of the pickup truck and walked down 14th Street with a package in his hands. The witness lost sight of him for a moment.

Then, the driver drove the truck across the street, made a slow circle around the parking lot and headed east on 14th Street.

The witness went to the Dumpster behind the abortion clinic and saw the package that the driver had been carrying. The witness called police and reported the truck's tag number. According to the police report, the package was "lying in the Dumpster with duck tape around it."

Police went to the driver's home, but no one answered the door. A K-9 unit determined that the package didn't contain an explosive device. Instead, the package contained a bunch of photographs and two videotapes.

At 5:14 a.m., an officer saw a man pulling himself up from the pavement on Auburn Avenue.

The 43-year-old man had a large abrasion on his head and his right knee was skinned. The man appeared to be drunk. He would only say that his arm got caught in a vehicle window, and he was dragged by an old pickup truck.??

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