The Blotter May 23 2001

A 31-year-old man in an apartment on Boulevard called police and said he was threatened. The man said he received a package of rotten meat, along with a note that stated, "You have fucked with the wrong 1."

An officer noted in his report, "Upon closer inspection, the package contained a dead, bloody chicken wrapped in plastic with a computer-generated note."

The man said he had been having problems with a neighbor in the apartment complex. The victim photographed the box, labels, note and bloody chicken. The note was turned in to police.

An officer responded to a 911 call at an apartment on Hollywood Court. A 24-year-old woman said she and a man nicknamed "Fat Meat," who is the father of her 3-year-old child, got into a struggle over her purse. The fracas resulted in the purse striking the interior side of the front window, causing the window to break.

The officer noted that the 24-year-old "told me that she does not know her child's father's real name."

An officer was investigating a burglary at a residence on Thurmond Street. A gray-haired 71-year-old man was in the rear of the home adjacent to the one the officer was investigating.

The officer reported that the 71-year-old pointed a steak knife at him and said, "I'll stab the shit out of you."

The officer wrote in his report, "I am confounded as to why he threatened me." The 71-year-old, who was very drunk, was arrested and taken to jail.

A 41-year-old woman returned to her apartment on Fairburn Road after attending an out-of-town funeral. Her fiance, a 50-year-old bald Douglasville man, was waiting for her in the parking lot. He was upset about not being allowed into her apartment while she was out of town. He wanted the engagement ring back.

The woman continued to unload her car. The fiance then grabbed her arm and kicked her buttocks. As he pulled her close, the woman used her mouth to pull off the ring and spit it at the fiance. He then hit her in the left cheek.

She called police, but the fiance left before an officer arrived.

A 39-year-old Lilburn man and a 37-year-old Norcross woman were traveling east in a car on Ponce de Leon Avenue. They said the male driver of a brown Cherokee in front of them was driving recklessly, so they honked the horn at the man.

When the two cars stopped at the light at Moreland and Ponce de Leon avenues, the driver of the Cherokee allegedly exited his car, punched both the man and woman in the face, and then drove away.

An officer was flagged down by a woman who owns an apartment building on Peters Street. The woman said a man was sitting in a green Ford Explorer in the apartment parking deck and smoking drugs.

The officer approached the man, a 35-year-old with no teeth and albino skin tone. The man got out of the Explorer, leaving the door open.

Then, the officer saw a silver case with a bag of suspected methamphetamines lying on the front seat. The driver was arrested. A search of the car revealed six doses of LSD, 217 grams of methamphetamines (worth about $21,700), $10 worth of marijuana, 115 tablets of Ecstasy, 23 doses of trazodone, one dose of amyl nitrate and eight tablets of Viagra. Also recovered was $49,720 in cash.

An officer at a precinct on Hosea L. Williams Drive reported, "On listed date and time, I found three quarters on my desk. It is unknown how they got there and no one will claim them." The quarters were turned in as evidence.

A 32-year-old man from Ellenwood was visiting his brother's home on Compton Drive. The 32-year-old said his brother became upset because he owes the brother $40. The 32-year-old said his brother took a crowbar and broke out the window on his truck. Then, the brother pulled out a pistol and threatened to kill him. The brother fled before police arrived.

The Blotter is taken entirely from Atlanta police reports.??

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