The Blotter June 13 2001

On Hubbard Street, a 36-year-old man said he and his girlfriend, age 41, got into an argument over a set of Pokemon cards. He snatched the cards from her. She went outside, picked up a beer bottle and smashed out their bedroom window.

A 35-year-old woman said her ex-boyfriend, age 40, was angry because DeKalb County Police came to her apartment on Giben Road and picked up the ex-boyfriend for a child-support warrant.

The woman would not lie to police and tell them the ex-boyfriend wasn't there. She put him out of the apartment, but he still has keys to it.

While she was at work, the ex-boyfriend called and allegedly said, "Bitch, your apartment is fucked up."

The woman returned home and discovered that someone had poured bleach on her carpets throughout the house. Also, someone put all her telephones in her aquarium and killed all her fish.

At a traveler checkpoint at Hartsfield Airport, a 64-year-old man approached a police officer and said, "Those fucking machines don't work." The 64-year-old demanded to speak with the head of security at the airport.

As the officer was looking around for a supervisor, the 64-year-old yelled, "You don't really give a shit." The checkpoint was full of families and other travelers.

The 64-year-old spoke with a supervisor and then came back to the first officer and yelled, "That damn machine doesn't work and you don't give a shit."

The officer arrested the man for disorderly conduct, but the man kept walking away. Eventually, the officer handcuffed the man and asked him if he was diabetic. The man said he wasn't diabetic, he just wore a pacemaker. The man was taken to jail.

A 41-year-old Decatur man walked into the Zone 3 precinct and said a male acquaintance, who had a mustache and missing teeth, threatened to cut off his head. The acquaintance told the 41-year-old that "today would be the last day he drives his Mercedes." He also threatened to hit the 41-year-old with

a brick.

A 96-year-old man was riding his bike along the sidewalk near the intersection of West Peachtree and 11th streets. He passed two men, one of whom had red hair. The elderly man said the two men knocked him off his bicycle, pulled his shirt over his head and punched and kicked him. The men left with his bike, valued at $3,500.

A woman on Campbellton Road said she recently discovered that someone stole her identity. She was trying to buy a car, and she was informed that her credit report revealed several outstanding bills. She disputed the bills. She also talked to her ex-husband because he has done something similar in the past, she added. The ex-husband told her he already had contacted the creditors.

According to the reporting officer, the woman said she and her ex-husband "had been divorced for quite some time and that she only carries his last name because she has been too lazy to go and switch it back to her maiden name."

On Callaway Drive, a woman called police and said her neighbors had moved away and left their two dogs behind. An officer went to the neighbors' home and noted that it appeared abandoned, with lights left on in the carport and inside the home.

"I smelled the odor of decay and found a decomposing dog in the back yard," noted the officer. "Through the window I could see a cocker spaniel. At this time, it was locked in the house. There was no food or water available for the dog."

Another neighbor said the residents of the home moved out on Memorial Day. The woman who originally called police said both dogs were alive last week. She said a woman came by to say good-bye on May 26, and claimed that someone was beating her dogs. One of the dogs appeared to have a broken foot.

The officer went inside to get the cocker spaniel. "The house had an odor of gas to it," he noted. The cocker spaniel was taken to the Humane Society.??

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