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The Blotter February 20 2002

A 27-year-old woman on Ashby Street said her next door neighbor, a fat woman, sprayed air freshener into her eyes. The 27-year-old believes the fat woman is upset because she asked the fat woman’s boyfriend to take her son to a sporting event that her son and the fat woman’s boyfriend’s son were participating in.

One night, two officers were patrolling Piedmont Park when they saw a tent near the pavilion. A man, who smelled of booze, was asleep inside the tent. The officers asked him to pack up the tent and leave. “Fuck y’all,” said the man. “I have been here three days and nobody said anything. Take me the fuck back to jail, I don’t give a shit, I just got out of prison!” He was taken to jail.

At Hartsfield Airport, airline security guards were in a parking lot on Delta Boulevard with a 69-year-old woman from East Point “who had bypassed the guard shack without stopping to show ID,” wrote the reporting officer. The woman was incoherent and couldn’t say why she was there. She did say she was a mental patient. When an officer tried to help her get to Grady Hospital, she became combative. Her car, a 2002 Honda Civic with drive-out tags parked on Delta Boulevard, was impounded.

At a residence on James P. Brawley Drive, a 48-year-old man said a male acquaintance nicknamed “Red” asked him if he sold beer. “No,” said the 48-year-old. Red followed the 48-year-old to the street, and hit him in the head with a beer or wine bottle. “Red,” who had black hair, fled before police arrived.

A 49-year-old man said he was assaulted by one of the drug boys known as “Toot.” He said Toot came by his house and hit him repeatedly with a stick. Toot then ran him from his home on Browns Mill Road to Cleveland Avenue, because Toot wanted his dope. But the 49-year-old said he didn’t have Toot’s dope. An officer told him to take out a warrant.

A 28-year-old woman was staying at a female friend’s house on Grant Way. She said her ex-boyfriend, age 38, came to the house and threatened to take his videotapes and bust up her TV and VCR. She wouldn’t have shit to watch, he said. He pushed her against the tapes, then slammed her TV and VCR onto the floor. The female friend decided the 28-year-old guest should leave.

On Auburn Avenue, police saw a 48-year-old woman in a flannel shirt and jeans walking down the sidewalk with a kitchen knife in her hand. She was yelling and cursing at pedestrians. People walked to the other side of the street to avoid her. She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

A 17-year-old woman on Fletcher Street said her fiance, age 21, pushed her face in the bathroom sink, scratched her face and ripped her nose ring out of her nose. She refused medical treatment.

A 21-year-old woman was visiting her ex-boyfriend, age 27, at his apartment on Kennedy Street. When she got ready to leave, he grabbed at her and asked her to stay the night. She refused. The ex-boyfriend hit her mouth, knocking her onto the bed. He then repeatedly hit her face and head with a beer bottle.

Then, he got a pistol from his closet and fled in his wheelchair. The woman was treated by emergency medical workers, but refused to go to the hospital.

A 21-year-old woman who weighs about 220 pounds said she was attacked at a friend’s apartment on Hollywood Road. She said a 21-year-old man hit her head and arms, and his cousin witnessed it. The reporting officer saw no signs of injury.

The cousin said the woman came over to the apartment unannounced. The cousin was surprised because the woman and the 21-year-old man haven’t been getting along. According to the cousin, the woman told the 21-year-old man, “If you say anything else about a female, I’ll pour this hot coffee on you!” To which he replied, “Females braid my hair.” She dumped hot coffee on his chest and threw an ashtray at him. No charges filed.

At a nightclub on Pharr Road, a 21-year-old Kennesaw woman said a blond woman with glasses, who weighed about 250 pounds, hit her in the mouth and broke her tooth. She didn’t know the woman.

At Hartsfield Airport, a man who works for a cleaning service said he was cleaning the men’s bathroom across from gate E-10 when he found a pistol in the trashcan.

An officer on patrol saw two women lying on the steps of a Methodist church on Charles Allen Drive. “I approached the two women to see if they were OK,” the officer wrote. While he was talking with one woman, the second woman threw white chunky substances onto the ground. The officer found 15 hits of suspected crack, along with a razor, on the second woman.

At 12:50 p.m., two officers were patrolling Midtown. On Ponce de Leon Avenue, they saw a man lying on the sidewalk. They told him to get up, but he refused. According to the report, the man “then took the empty candy papers in his hands and threw it onto the ground and went to sleep.” The man was charged with littering and disorderly conduct.

An officer responded to a dispute at a motor lodge on Cheshire Bridge Road. A male security guard said, “A woman caught me between her car door and the car. She dragged me from here to that car.” Paramedics said the guard suffered broken ribs and a sprained shoulder. Another man said, “I’m amazed he wasn’t hurt worse, she dragged him a good 20 feet. She also hit me on the left arm when she drove past.”

The woman, a 33-year-old from Garland, Texas, said the security guard “came at me, standing about 5 inches away. I didn’t know what he was going to do. He said something about ‘I’m going to arrest you for theft of services.’” She was charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

A woman said a male friend, a 35-year-old with long, curly brown hair, came to her apartment on Linwood Avenue. She was entertaining another male friend. This enraged the 35-year-old, who thought they had an exclusive relationship. The woman said the 35-year-old broke her phone, pushed her into a wall, and wouldn’t let her call 911. The reporting officer asked the woman where the man she was currently entertaining was during the fight. She said he left her apartment before the fight began. Initially, she didn’t file a report, but now she’s received harassing phone calls from the 35-year-old.

Someone used a shovel to smash out the front window at a vacuum cleaner store on Piedmont Avenue. Only one vacuum (worth $280) was missing. The storeowner said a 38-year-old Powder Springs man called him the day before and got angry about being fired three weeks ago.

A 62-year-old man from Tampa, Fla., told police his briefcase was stolen at Hartsfield Airport. The man said the briefcase contained a leather address book, three round-trip airline tickets, $1,000 cash, ruby earrings, diamond earrings and a ruby-and-diamond bracelet (total jewelry tally: $27,000).

An officer was working an off-duty job at a music club on North Avenue. He saw a 30-year-old man in camouflage pants approach another man, who was on a bike, and punch the man in the head with a closed fist. The man on the bike said he was homeless and only asked for some loose change. The man in camouflage was arrested for simple battery and taken to jail.

All items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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