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The Blotter August 07 2002

A 34-year-old man left his apartment on Harold Avenue for a week. When he returned, he found the interior of his apartment was ransacked. Clothes were tossed on the floor, and someone had taken $400 cash. Someone had consumed waffles and fruit juice bars while in the residence. “No prints were able to be lifted off the fork used to eat the waffles,” noted the officer. The burglar also took a large defecation in the toilet and left without flushing the waste.

Blotter bonus: Leaving behind a signature crap in the toilet is not exactly a fresh, original idea among Atlanta burglars. About 18 months ago, Atlanta police arrested a 33-year-old man who used the same method in more than 60 burglaries in the Atlanta area, said Atlanta Police Department spokesman officer John Quigley. “We cleared 76 cases and he was charged and convicted in over 60.” The man isn’t eligible for parole until March 2010. However, the burglary/defecation on Harold Avenue appears to be an isolated case. There haven’t been any other recent incidents with that same modus operandi, said Quigley.

A 41-year-old woman said her brother came to her apartment on Defoors Ferry Road. She refused to let him in because he was supposed to be at Grady Hospital for treatment. The brother took a tire jack and tossed it through her window. He then entered the apartment, took a pack of cigarettes and left.

A 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend, age 24, were at a hotel on Peachtree Street. The boyfriend brought a prostitute to the hotel room and wanted the three of them to have sex together and drink. The girlfriend objected and said she felt uncomfortable. The girlfriend was naked. She said the boyfriend took her to the bathroom, pushed her against a wall and said, “Why are you acting like this? You are making the prostitute feel uncomfortable!” The boyfriend added, “You’re glad I don’t assault women because I would hit you. If you don’t cooperate, I will never speak to you again.” He threatened to lock her out of the hotel room while she was naked.

The girlfriend got dressed and left the hotel room. Then, she realized that she forgot her keys. She was very upset because her boyfriend was having sex with the prostitute. She banged on the door. Her boyfriend tried to slam the door on her foot, catching her sandal in the door. He said, “I’m not driving you home. You’ll have to walk back on your own because you have no money.” The prostitute said, “Who are you going to drive home first, her or me?” This upset the girlfriend even further. The girlfriend contacted police. She said her boyfriend called her obscene names and said, “I gave you a disease such as gonorrhea or AIDS.” She said earlier that night, he slammed a door on her arm and threatened to push her out of a car.

The girlfriend is planning to return to her home in Chicago. The boyfriend, a student, is leaving for his home in New York. No charges were filed.

A man walked into a Waffle House on Browns Mill Road and asked for a Turkey Plate. Employees said they didn’t have any Turkey Plates. The man got upset and threw a pie stand at a female employee. Another female employee said the man swung his fist and called them bitches. A male employee tried to get the man to leave, and the man punched the employee in the eye. A female employee doused the man with hot water to get him to leave. In the parking lot, the man pointed a gun at a female customer in a red car and then fled into some nearby woods. Police searched the woods but didn’t find the man. According to the police report, the Postal Police said the same man tried to steal someone’s mail on Crown Road.

At a grocery store on Piedmont Avenue, a guard saw a 42-year-old thin man remove a pack of liver cheese and conceal it inside his pants. The man tried to leave the store without paying for the liver cheese (valued at $2.67). He was charged with shoplifting.

A 39-year-old Marietta man said his lady friend accompanied him to a car rental shop at Hartsfield Airport. The man rented a 2002 white Chrysler 300M. The lady friend drove the car off the lot because she had to run an errand. The man drove his own car home. The lady friend was supposed to meet him at his home on Fair Oaks Road after the errand was complete. But she never showed up.

A week later, the lady friend called the man and said she wasn’t bringing the car back because she knows he filed a warrant against her, and the police probably want to arrest her. The man told police that he would file a warrant against her to avoid being prosecuted by the car rental shop. The Marietta man said his lady friend had long curly brown hair. He knew her first name, but not her last name. He knew she lived on Roswell Road, but was unsure of the exact address.

A 74-year-old woman on Pinehurst Drive received a threatening phone call. According to the elderly woman, a caller said, “Do you have three-way calling? Well, you better get it because if you don’t I’m gonna get you, and you’ll wish you had done so.” The call was made collect. The elderly woman didn’t recognize the caller’s voice.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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