The Blotter September 04 2002

A 37-year-old woman received threatening e-mails from a male co-worker. She showed police one e-mail in which the man threatened her family and made statements referring to himself as God. The 37-year-old said this started when the man (a salesman) entered her office and started talking about religion. He said the way she is living is wrong. The 37-year-old was afraid to argue with him, for fear of upsetting him. She told him she would write down the information he was giving her. Don't do that, he said, adding that he would e-mail it to her later. She received two e-mails, and two other employees received similar letters. In the letters, the salesman wrote that God had spoken to him every morning for the last three weeks.

Patrons said a bearded man came into a restaurant on Spring Street and went from table to table begging for money. The man said he was Jesus and the customers had to give him money. The man wore denim shorts and a white T-shirt. The restaurant manager asked the man to leave, and the man complied. As a police officer was waiting for a food order, the man returned. The officer arrested the man and took him to jail.

A 48-year-old man on Booker Street told police that someone broke the taillight on his Jeep, and five fish in his pond were dead. The officer noted, "Although it appeared that (the 48-year-old) has shut off the pond with approximately 10 fish still alive." The 48-year-old said he wanted to clean out his pond. The man said the perpetrators live next door to him, and he already took out a warrant on one man. The officer checked this out; there was no warrant on the neighbor.

A 32-year-old woman on Bryan Street noticed that someone used a black permanent marker to write on her '87 Dodge Ram Charger. The comments read, "Suck dick not click, eat me, go to hell, Tiffany go to hell, Chino rules, fuck me and fuck you." The woman doesn't know anyone named Tiffany. The commentary stretched across the passenger side of her car.

On Peters Street, a 40ish man with long curly hair and a beard told police that someone cut him and tried to take his beer. The man refused to give his name. Medical workers arrived and treated the man's stab wound. The man refused to go to the hospital and walked away.

A 38-year-old Stockbridge woman was driving to her husband's office in downtown Atlanta. She hadn't been to the office before, and she accidentally took the wrong exit from I-75/85. She pulled into a parking lot on Central Avenue. A woman with missing teeth ran across the parking lot, with keys in her hand, and said, "I've been chasing you." The Stockbridge woman rolled down her car window and asked what was the problem. The woman said her car broke down and she needed some gas money. The Stockbridge woman said, "Sorry, I can't help you today." The woman jumped on the running board, beat the car window with her fist, and said, "You are not listening. I need $3." Eventually, the woman jumped off the car, made a few hand gestures, and walked away. When the Stockbridge woman finally arrived at her husband's office, she realized that her car was keyed.

An Atlanta police officer received a call from his soon-to-be-ex-wife at his police precinct. A week prior, the officer had asked his wife not to call him at work or home anymore. The Atlanta officer said his wife accused him of throwing away some papers. The Atlanta officer said he was busy and couldn't talk then, but would be glad to look for the papers when he got home. The Atlanta officer said his wife started cussing and threatened to talk to his supervisor and commander and create complaints.
The Atlanta officer hung up. The wife called back and cursed. The Atlanta officer told her not to call him at work, and now he was going to take action. Divorce papers have been filed, and the couple no longer lives together. The Atlanta officer said his wife has made previous threats to "fabricate complaints against me and bring police to my home. I am afraid (the wife) will use her position as a DeKalb County police officer to manipulate paperwork and attempt to hurt me." He filed a police report.

A 19-year-old woman on Willard Avenue said another woman, age 19-21 harassed her. The other woman drove by her home with two women in the car. Later, the other woman returned with an additional car with four women. The woman told the 19-year-old that if she could not fight her one-on-one, she would shoot or stab her. The woman said if the 19-year-old beats her up, then she'll get her friends to help beat up the 19-year-old. The 19-year-old said the dispute concerns a man in jail who gave both her and the other woman a puppy. The other woman wants all the puppies.

A 45-year-old man said a female acquaintance restrained him with towels, poured lighter fluid on him, then set him on fire in the bathtub at his house on Connelly Road. He said the female acquaintance held him hostage for several days against his will. After several days, he said, his "arm started to stink real bad" and the woman dropped him off at Grady Hospital. He had severe burns on his chest and arms.

i>All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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