The Blotter January 15 2003

Security guards at Philips Arena called police for help in removing a man. The man, a 19-year-old from Tybee Island, was extremely drunk and naked. He went to jail.

On Sunset Avenue, a 47-year-old man argued with two women. During the spat, a bottle struck his face, causing a cut. One woman, age 31, said she was dancing with the man when he defecated on himself. She said the other woman got upset and tossed a bottle at him. The man didn't want to press charges.

On New Year's Eve, an officer got a call about shots fired at the home of a 67-year-old woman on Santa Fe Trail. The officer found a man passed out on the woman's front porch. The woman said she didn't know the man. The man had a "very strong aroma" of alcohol. The man woke up and the officer stood him up. In his back pocket was a handgun, which smelled of gunpowder and contained six spent shell-casings in the gun cylinder. The man said, "That's my gun, what the fuck are you doing with my gun, it's the new year and I'm celebrating. ... I do like everyone else does, I was shooting my gun. I paid $120 for it. ... I just drank three pints of Jack Daniel's and I'm having a fuckin' good time." The man, age 54, went to jail.

On Habersham Road, a 27-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman were riding home from a club. They argued, and then the woman wanted out of the car. The man refused to let her out. She opened the door, so he stopped the car. She got out and started to walk away. He grabbed her waist and tried to get her back in the car. He hit her forehead with his fist. Police arrived. According to the officer, the man said that he didn't mean to hurt the woman, "but where he is from, he has to take care of the females that are in his control." The man went to jail.

A security guard at a grocery store on Peachtree Road stopped a 37-year-old man who tried to steal three doughnuts and one can of apple juice. The man first said his name was "Emanuel." Later, when police arrived, the man said his name was "Jesus." He went to jail.

An officer saw a car swerving on Delmar Lane. He stopped the car and spoke with the driver, a 25-year-old woman. She admitted to consuming two alcoholic drinks. There was an open container of bourbon in her car, and she failed the alphabet test. The woman was arrested, handcuffed and put in the patrol car. She asked the officer if he would get her jacket. The officer retrieved her jacket and purse from her car. She said she might have two bags of marijuana in her purse, but she might have smoked the marijuana. The officer didn't find any marijuana in her purse, jacket or car. The woman then said she must have smoked the marijuana at a nightclub.

The manager of a restaurant on Peachtree Street said a female patron urinated on herself at the bar and refused to pay her bill. The woman, age 30, had consumed seven beers, two tequilas and one quesadilla, totaling $41.96. The woman said she wasn't going to pay her bill because she has cancer and it's Christmastime. The woman, who has acne and an "unusual odor," went to jail.

A 23-year-old woman on Vaughn Street said she went out with a man once, three or four months ago. She didn't like the man and no longer wanted to see him. She said the man doesn't understand that no means no. She said he's called her and come to her home, and she is tired of him. She told the man she thought she was pregnant by him, but later found out she wasn't. According to the woman, the man said, "Bitch, I am going to beat your ass when I see you outside." The woman wasn't injured. She planned to get a restraining order.

A 40-year-old man on Lenox Road sold some radio boxes to another man on eBay. The man got angry about the shipping costs and complained that the radio boxes weren't up to par and were damaged during transport. The 40-year-old said he has statements on file by the man that he uses another e-mail address to defraud people on eBay. The 40-year-old said the man sent him an e-mail stating, "I'm back to work as a captain and will be passing threw (sic) Hartsfield Airport two to three times a week and will be tracking you down like a fucking dog. Call 911 you fucking moron."

Two women were walking from the Fox Theatre when a cream-colored SUV passed by. A young man yelled out the window, "Do you have any change?" Then, the man threw a big cup of beer at the women. The cup hit one woman's head and beer spilled onto her coat. Beer also damaged the other woman's dress.

A 37-year-old woman on Fairway Circle said a brown-haired woman called her several times and hung up. Finally, the caller identified herself. The caller said, " ... I understand that your attorney is no longer representing you. I will make you quit your job, I will make life impossible for you and you better watch yourself because you are in danger." The 37-year-old said previously, the same woman left a note in her locker, threatening to poison her food.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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