The Blotter March 19 2003

A 47-year-old man was taken to Crawford Long Hospital with serious eye and facial injuries. The man said he was a circus performer with Ringling Brothers Circus. He said members of the circus were housed on the train parked in the railroad yard on Marietta Road.

The circus performer said he had retired to his room for the night, and two men next door were "partying and making noise." When the 47-year-old asked them to be quiet, the two men entered his room and beat and kicked him. (The two assailants are also circus performers.) The 47-year-old tried to run, but one man held him down and repeatedly kicked him in the face. The trainmaster found the 47-year-old lying outside the railroad car, nude. The trainmaster called for an ambulance.

A 32-year-old man
called police about some suspicious mail at his home on Clifton Road. The man received a brown envelope containing several letters. The name on the envelope was not that of the 32-year-old, but the address was correct. The envelope was postmarked from St. Petersburg, Fla., but had no return address. The officer wrote, "The letter inside the envelope made reference to killing [a specific] race and the president of the United States." The envelope was turned over to investigators.

At a hotel on Pollard Street, a 27-year-old man said when he first realized his CD player was missing from his car, he thought a friend took it as a practical joke. Later that day, he realized his CD player was really stolen. His Ford Export wasn't secured overnight. No suspects.

According to a police report, two officers at Hartsfield Airport "were giving morning wake-up calls to the residentially challenged in [the] Airport Atrium." They woke up a 24-year-old man in khaki pants. The man said he was there to catch a bus to Columbus, Ga. Then, the 24-year-old insulted and verbally abused the officers. Police checked the man's records and discovered that he was wanted for probation violation in Muscogee County. He went to jail.

At the front of the Greyhound bus station on Forsyth Street, an officer saw a man in a wheelchair asking passengers for cigarettes. The officer approached the man and asked to see his bus ticket. The man, age 46, said he had no motherfuckin' ticket and told the officer to mind his own business and quit fucking with him. The officer told the man to leave. The man hesitated and turned his wheelchair toward the officer. The man said he was going to whoop the officer's ass.

The officer told the man to quiet down. The man, who smelled of alcohol, became louder and challenged the officer to a fight. The officer wrote, "I then took the male's wheelchair and pushed it and him to the Atlanta City Jail."

An 81-year-old man called police and said a former tenant damaged his house on Ralph McGill Boulevard. Police arrived and saw that the floors and walls of the vacant house were covered with oil. The 81-year-old said about a week prior, he and the former tenant argued about an $800 security deposit. The former tenant still has a key and there was no sign of forced entry, said the man. According to the report, the former tenant is a lawyer.

An officer heard someone shouting obscenities in a parking garage on West Paces Ferry Road. The officer figured out that the shouter was a 21-year-old man from Rome, Ga. The Rome man was sitting in the backseat of a parked car.

Several people were trying to calm him down. The officer wrote, "I could see the vehicle shaking as the [Rome man] thrashed around inside." The Rome man admitted that he was very drunk. He said he was acting this way because he was defending his sister's honor. He said he possibly broke his little finger while punching someone or something during his fit. The Rome man, who has a military ID, was taken to Grady Hospital.

At Hosea Williams Drive and 4th Avenue, an officer saw a blue van with no lights, blocking the intersection. The van was running, but the driver was asleep. The officer approached the van and saw a bottle of Glenmore gin and a 22-ounce bottle of Bud Ice inside. The officer woke up the driver, a 45-year-old man, and asked if everything was OK. "No officer, I am drunk as shit," said the driver. He said he had consumed "two 40 ounces." The driver failed numerous sobriety tests, so the officer arrested him for DUI. Then the driver became combative and said, "I'm going to get you good." The officer asked the driver if he was threatening him. "I'm going to get you!" replied the driver. The driver was taken to jail for a breath test. "Bring on the fucking test," said the driver. Then, the driver refused to blow a continuous breath. He was charged with DUI.

At an apartment complex on Martin Street, a 21-year-old woman said she heard someone outside calling her "bitches and whores." She looked out and saw "Peanut," a twentysomething man who is the cousin of her neighbor in the next apartment. She closed the door. Then, she heard a knock and opened the door. Peanut yelled at her and slapped her face. The 21-year-old said her boyfriend stepped out, and Peanut went back into the neighbor's apartment.

The officer also spoke with the neighbor, who said she thinks the 21-year-old was lying because Peanut is in jail for murder.

A 40-year-old Woodstock man said he went to a gentleman's nightclub on Metropolitan Parkway. Upon entering, the man was asked to give his driver's license and credit card to club employees. When the man was ready to leave, he asked for his cards back. A club employee told him, "We gave you your things." The man said that employees had not returned his license and credit card. "Well, we gave it to somebody," said an employee. A week later, the Woodstock man noticed that a $300 charge had been made to his credit card.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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