The Blotter May 14 2003

At noon, a woman parked her 2002 Lexus R300 in a Kinko's parking lot on Peachtree Road. At 1:30 p.m., she returned to the parking lot and found a note on her car. The note read: "Thank you for being so inconsiderate. I'm eight months pregnant. I had to walk from the back parking lot, due to your bad parking job." Also, the Lexus had been keyed. According to the woman who owns the Lexus, a Kinko's employee remembered seeing a pregnant woman in the store. The Lexus owner said Kinko's has surveillance cameras in the store, but a police officer would have to request to view the tape.

Three men (ages 33, 35, 22) live together as roommates in an apartment on Holtzclaw Street. The two roommates in their 30s were feuding for about two months. One day, the 22-year-old roommate returned to the apartment and noticed that the television had a hole in it. The 35-year-old roommate said, "I feel [the 33-year-old roommate's] spirit here, and I hope he doesn't plug up his television 'cause I will probably find his charred remains in the apartment."

The 35-year-old took off before police arrived. The 33-year-old provided information about an existing eviction notice.

A Buick Skylark was parked on Metropolitan Avenue overnight. Someone smashed the rear window and stole just one item: a Bible.

An officer saw a 48-year-old man take a sip from a Heineken beer can while in public. Then, the man handed the can to a 39-year-old woman. But the woman spotted the officer's patrol car, so she walked a half-block away, and then drank from the can. The officer arrested them both for drinking in public. At first, the woman gave a false last name of "Davis" but later changed it "when she couldn't spell 'Davis,'" the officer noted. While in police custody, the woman pulled down her pants and urinated on the sidewalk.

A 68-year-old woman reported that a foul odor was coming from her neighbor's house on Aniwaka Way. No one has lived in the house for a year, she said. A lot of flies were circling the basement window, and the odor seemed to originate in the basement. The woman's son said the homeowner kept dogs in the basement, and the dogs probably died. In the past, the owner allowed dogs to die in the house, the son said. An officer tried to contact the homeowner and notified a homicide investigator. The woman was instructed to call police if the homeowner returned her message and wanted to enter the home.

An officer was working an extra job at a nightclub on Peachtree Street. Security guards removed a 28-year-old man with long black hair from the club. The man returned to the door several times, asking to re-enter the club to look for his friend because he was cold. The man was wearing "female-type short shorts and a black halter top with sandals," noted the officer. The officer told the man to leave eight times, but he refused. So the officer handcuffed and arrested him. The man started crying and begged the officer to let him go. He said he wasn't a bad person and had never been arrested before. Then, the man yelled and cursed at people walking by. He went to jail.

On Maynard Court, a 37-year-old woman came home, took off all her clothes and started destroying the house. So her family called police. An officer arrived in time to see the woman running around the house, breaking items. The family says she has mental problems. She was handcuffed and taken to Grady Hospital.

A police officer saw a 20-year-old man stop his car and pick up a 35-year-old woman. The officer followed the car, which pulled over and parked at the intersection of Moury Avenue and Crogman Street. The officer stopped about 20-30 yards away and "observed [the woman's] head cross over into [the man's] lap." As the officer pulled up and got out of his car, he "observed [the woman's] mouth wrapped around [his] penis." The officer ordered both of them out of the car. The man took off running, but was quickly caught. The woman said the man gave her $10 for oral sex. Both went to jail.

The woman lives on Friendly Hill Road in Decatur.

According to a police report, a city of Atlanta employee was contacted by a woman who works at a uniform-sales company in Lithia Springs. The woman said a man presented a letterhead with the Atlanta Police Department logo as authorization to purchase size-32 pants, a commando sweater and a navy clip-on tie. The man was described as thin, with brown hair and feminine speech. He presented a check for $94 as payment. The check turned out to be bogus. The report was forwarded to the Atlanta Police Intelligence Unit.

A 55-year-old man on Glen Iris Drive allowed a friend to stay with him until the friend went to jail. Then, a redheaded middle-aged woman (the friend's girlfriend) came over and poured water on the 55-year-old's television. She was mad because her boyfriend went to jail. The TV was damaged.

In an apartment on Fairburn Road, an 18-year-old woman received several harassing phone calls from another young woman. The caller said there is a death wish over her and her baby. The caller also threatened to jump the 18-year-old.

A 24-year-old woman on Dill Street said a female friend got mad at her for washing the dishes. The female friend — who weighs about 300 pounds — tried to turn off the hot water. A scuffle broke out, during which the female friend punched the 24-year-old in the jaw. The friend fled before police arrived.??

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