The Blotter February 05 2004

An officer responded to a call about a woman screaming inside an apartment on Virginia Avenue. "When I arrived, I heard what sounded like a female moaning and crying," the officer noted. The officer knocked on the door and announced that he was Atlanta police. Immediately, the noise stopped. The officer continued to knock and announce himself for several minutes, but there was no answer. The person who called police said this screaming has been going on every day for four months. The officer contacted the maintenance team for the apartment and they unlocked the door. "We checked the apartment and found that the moaning was a small white dog in a cage," the officer noted.

A 34-year-old man from Maryland was having dinner at a restaurant on Peachtree Street. He went to the bathroom and discovered that the toilet was clogged. The man said he tried to unclog the toilet and his ring must have fallen out of his coat pocket at that time. (It's a four-carat platinum diamond ring worth $20,000, he reported.)

The man didn't realize the ring was missing until he returned to his hotel room.

At an apartment complex on Cheshire Bridge Road, an 83-year-old woman told police that she had a confrontation with another resident, an elderly man. She said the elderly man was in the recreation center during the time scheduled for community bingo. The elderly man turned up the volume on the television, disturbing the bingo players. The 83-year-old woman asked him to turn down the TV's volume. He got angry with her and began to yell. Then, he struck her on the right shoulder with a rolled-up newspaper. A witness confirmed her story.

The elderly man wore house shoes and a tan knit hat.

An 83-year-old woman on Kirkwood Avenue said a man came by her house and identified himself as an employee of Grady Memorial Hospital. He said he could get her a refund on the cost of her medication if she gave him $120 and her Social Security number. She said after the man showed his Grady ID card, she gave him the money and her Social Security number. Later, she called Grady and no one there knew anything about the man or a refund program for medication.

The man was described as calm and wearing a suit.

A woman in black boots and a black dress flagged down an undercover officer in an unmarked car on Flat Shoals Avenue. "Hey cutie," the woman said. "Hi baby, are you dating?" the officer replied. (In the report, the officer noted that "dating" is slang for selling sex for money.) "Yes," the woman said. The officer asked, "Would you date a girl?" The woman looked at the officer and said, "You're cute, I would do ya." The officer asked, "How much would it cost for me to get with you?" The woman said, "Let me get in the car." The officer said, "I have to go to the ATM down the street, I need to know how much you cost so I know how much money to get out." The woman replied, "Fifty dollars, but we can negotiate cost when you get back."

The officer drove away and a backup unit arrested the woman for solicitation.

A 39-year-old man said he left his girlfriend's house and walked through Oakland City Park. A man asked him if he had a smoke. "I don't smoke," said the 39-year-old. Then, the man asked him for $1 to get something to eat. The 39-year-old gave the man $2. Then, the man pulled out a knife and tried to rob him. The 39-year-old said, "I gave you $2 to get something to eat and now you are trying to rob me." The man approached with a 2-by-4, hit the 39-year-old in the base of the skull, and stole $120 from him. The 39-year-old was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.

One evening, an officer was patrolling Perkerson Park on Deckner Avenue. He saw an Oldsmobile Cutlass parked near the ball field. In front of the car, a man and woman were having sex.

Both the man, age 29, and the woman, 24, were arrested for using the park at night and taken to jail. The woman had a ponytail and wore flip-flops.

A 27-year-old Lawrenceville woman said a man claiming to be a leasing agent showed her an apartment on Highland Avenue. The Lawrenceville woman gave him a $200 deposit for the apartment. The next day, the Lawrenceville woman went to the leasing office and was told that the man didn't work there. A leasing agent said she has seen the man walking with people around the complex after the leasing office was closed for the day. The man was wearing a suit and appeared to be acting as a leasing agent. The Lawrenceville woman said she confronted the man on the property and he returned her $200.

A 20-year-old woman came home from work to her apartment on Sylvan Road. She discovered that her apartment had been vandalized. The officer wrote, "No items were taken from the home, but the bedsheets were messed up and the clothes were put back in the closet and trash was dumped on the floor." The woman said this is the fourth time this has happened. The officer told her to change her locks and get a security system.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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