The Blotter September 02 2004

An officer was working undercover at a strip club on Piedmont Road. The officer paid a $70 entrance fee to get into the club and investigated a stripper named "Butterfly." The officer wrote, "After entering a private room and tipping suspect for over 30 minutes, no case was made. Subject 'Butterfly' only danced nude in front of me." Total city dollars spent "including tips": $260.

At an apartment on Bolton Road, a woman said her boyfriend was angry because she started dating his sister. So the boyfriend, age 29, pushed her window in. (This is the second time he has pushed the glass out of the window.) The boyfriend fled before police arrived.

At the corner of Seventh and Peachtree streets, an officer saw a man carrying a box and a large shopping bag. As the officer got closer, the man showed him a half-eaten cake inside the box. "Peering into the bag, I viewed a number of VHS tapes with Blockbuster tags visible," the officer wrote. The man said he found the 15 tapes. The officer asked, "Did you contact Blockbuster or the authorities?" No, the man replied.

The man was jailed for theft of mislaid property.

Police saw a man walking from behind a building on Lockwood Avenue. The man had a ponytail, and "Pumkin" tattooed on his right leg. When the man saw police, he ran. The man was eventually caught, and he gave police six different versions of his name. He said a woman on Lockwood Avenue would vouch for him. When police approached the woman, she threw a hit of crack cocaine on the ground and tried to crush it. Both the man and woman were arrested.

At the precinct, the man said he had chest pains because he swallowed a crack pipe.

At Lenox Square mall, a concerned citizen told an officer that a man dressed in all black, with two weapons strapped on, was walking through the mall. The officer located the man and noticed that the word "POLICE" was printed on the man's vest. The man said he was on assignment for the Department of Justice, and that his office was in Westwood, Calif. The Atlanta officer asked for his government ID. The man showed a wallet with a small piece of paper inside, reading United States of America "Department of Justice" Special Crimes Unit. It looked fake, the officer noted.

The FBI was contacted and the man's weapons were secured (both were air-guns), along with two knives and a handcuff key. Turns out, there is no federal office in Westwood. The man, age 43, was arrested for impersonating a police officer and carrying a deadly weapon at a public gathering.Someone used white spray-paint to scrawl the words "Die Yuppie Scum" and "Fag" on a Volkswagen Jetta parked on Manigault Street belonging to a 28-year-old man.

A married couple got into a fight outside their apartment on Campbellton Road. The husband, age 29, said he was tired of their car being extremely dirty. He wanted to clean the car. So he pulled all the stuff in the car into a huge mound on the ground.

The wife, who seemed agitated, said her husband put her papers on the ground. The officer told the husband to put all his wife's stuff in a bag, and take it to their apartment. The husband complied in a cooperative manner. Then he left the scene.

No charges filed.

A Stone Mountain woman and her husband were dining at a Buckhead restaurant early Friday morning. The husband excused himself to go to the bathroom and never returned. The wife said her husband was depressed about quitting his job at Sam's Club. The husband is described as age 46, with glasses and short gray hair.

At a discount store on Oak Street, a middle-aged man stole one can of canned ham (worth $2). Security guards stopped him and called police. When an officer arrived, he searched the man and found a bag of marijuana in his pocket. In addition to a shoplifting charge, the man was charged with drug possession.

A man was driving south on I-75/85 when a Ford F-150 cut him off twice. The man changed lanes and the Ford F-150 pulled alongside him, and the driver, a 35ish man, started cursing him. The first man rolled his window down. The driver called him a racial slur and then opened a soda and threw it on him.

The first man turned in the driver's tag number to police.

An elderly woman said a younger woman came up and hugged her. The woman acted like she knew the elderly woman. The younger woman said she didn't have enough money to buy an electric wheelchair for a family member. She talked the elderly woman into going to a bank and withdrawing $800. The younger woman took the money and dropped off the elderly woman on Campbellton Road.

A male officer was working undercover on Ponce de Leon Avenue. A 29-year-old man approached and said he was interested in a "party," but wanted to have a drink first. So the officer and the man went to a bar and ordered drinks. The man said he used to run an escort service in Tennessee. The man said he did "everything." He said he didn't charge money but accepted donations to his "cause." The officer asked, "Can we get everything?" "Are you going to donate to my cause?" the man asked. Yes, the officer said. They went to the parking lot, where the man was arrested.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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