The Blotter September 23 2004

In Midtown, two officers working undercover were sitting in a car on Juniper Street. A 29-year-old man — who weighs 260 pounds — walked up and got into the car. The man said he had a "handful of cock" for them. He also said he would quote them a price after he had sex with each of them.

The man was arrested for prostitution.

A woman went to a gas station on Boulevard and tried to get some gas. She noticed a white substance around the edges of her gas tank. She said the only person she has problems with is a dope boy who sat on her car about two weeks ago. She told the dope boy not to sit on her car.

Someone broke into the laundry room at an apartment complex on Forrest Park Road and urinated into the dryers and shot out one outside light. Nothing was reported missing.

A woman in a red dress stood on an intersection on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, in front of a grocery store. She lifted her red dress above her waist and "proceeded to wiggle her behind at the store," the officer wrote. Nearby, kids were walking to school. (And the woman weighs about 200 pounds.) Then, the woman walked in front of a patrol car, forcing the officer to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting her.

The woman was arrested for indecency.

On Third Street, an officer saw a man sitting in his car in front of a known drug house. The officer asked, "What are you doing?" The man responded, "Officer, you know what I am doing." The officer asked, "Do you have any drugs on you?" "No," the man replied, "But there's a rock in my cigarette pack on the passenger seat." The officer noted that a "rock" refers to crack cocaine in "street terms." The man, age 32, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

A middle-aged woman said three or four men with guns were holding her husband in a vacant house on Vine Street. They were threatening to shoot her husband, she said. (She and her husband live in a nearby apartment complex.) Police set up a perimeter around the vacant house and then entered through the front door — which was unlocked. Once inside, police saw a 47-year-old man lying down in one room. (He lives there.) No husband, and everything was fine.

Later, the wife called police a second time. Now, three or four men were shooting at her husband, she said. "Once again, everything checked out fine," the officer wrote.

Then, she called police a third time. This time, she said two men with guns tried to rob her. Police searched the area, but found no one matching her description. Then, she said two men were shooting guns behind the vacant house.

Police asked around, but none of the neighbors had heard gunshots. This time, the woman was arrested for false report of a crime.A woman said her ex-boyfriend took her car from outside her apartment in East Point. Then, the ex-boyfriend drove the car to his relatives' house on Cordova Street. She caught a ride to the relatives' house and saw that her car — a burgundy Saturn SL2 — was damaged. She left to call police. When she returned to the relatives' house, her car was on fire. Relatives confirmed that the ex-boyfriend set the car on fire and left on foot.

On Habersham Valley Road, a 43-year-old woman was home alone one morning. She heard the doorbell ring. When she answered the door, she recognized her neighbor, a man in his 20s.

The neighbor's pants were unzipped about an inch from the bottom and his penis was exposed. The neighbor asked, "How are you doing?" She replied, "On a deadline — what's up?" The neighbor said, "I haven't seen you last week." She said she was really on deadline and had to go, "closing the door on him and his exposed self," according to the report.

She locked the door and called police. She said her neighbor has visited her house twice before with his pants down to his pubic line and his shirt open. She said she thought nothing of it because he is in the recording business and is big into hip-hop. Every time he comes over, her husband and neighbors have already left for work. She believes he is watching her.

Apparently, the neighbor moved while she was out of town last week and returned to visit her.A Virginia man said he was contacted via e-mail by a Nigerian man, who claimed to have found an inheritance for $10.5 million in Togo, West Africa. The Nigerian man said the inheritance came from an unknown relative of the Virginia man — and the unknown relative died in the Sept. 11 tragedy. The Nigerian man told the Virginia man he needed to pay $10,500 cash to arrange for a trunk to be shipped from Togo to Atlanta. He told the Virginia man to bring the money to Atlanta and meet with a doctor friend.

The Virginia man came to Atlanta and went to a hotel on Spring Street, as instructed. Another man arrived and picked up the $10,500 from the Virginia man.

The next morning, the doctor called and said there was a problem — the trunk wasn't clearing customs. He said he had found someone in customs who would clear the trunk — if the man paid $5,000. The Virginia man said he didn't have the money.

Then, the Virginia man called police. They set up a sting operation; the Virginia man wore a hidden microphone during the next meeting and the doctor was arrested.

A woman lives in an apartment complex on Griffin Street. One neighbor told her that her other neighbor broke into her apartment and stole her CDs. So the woman confronted the suspect neighbor (a man in his 30s). The next day, she discovered that someone had stolen six cups of Oodles of Noodles soup and dumped them on her back porch.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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