The Blotter October 07 2004

A 58-year-old man called police to his Buckhead apartment. The man said he is very sensitive to odors and negative energy, and he felt that someone had been in his apartment. He said he could smell and feel the negative energy of someone strange.

The man said someone had damaged his desk. It looked like the trim had been peeled back, the officer noted. Then, the man showed the officer his sandals. He said someone cut his sandals (even though the sandals are six months old and he wears them every day). The sandals appeared broken, the officer noted.

The man said he thought someone went through his financial papers, trying to get his credit card number. No papers were missing, however. The man said he had some credit card problems in Los Angeles. The man said he believes it is part of a cover-up from his past jobs in Los Angeles.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, a woman said she heard three gunshots fired from an apartment belonging to a 77-year-old man. Also, the man had been drinking, she said. So an officer went to the man's apartment. The man was lying in bed, and there were three bullet holes in the wall. The officer confronted the man, who then tried to urinate on the officer. The man denied shooting a gun and laughed. (The gun was found in his dresser drawer.) He went to jail.

A man said someone stole one can of ant spray, one can of roach spray, and one long-sleeved T-shirt from his apartment on 10th Street. The reporting officer noted that there were no signs of forced entry. The apartment manager said the man constantly makes accusations about thefts from his apartment and that he is mentally disturbed.

On Arthur Langford Jr. Place, a man made some comments to his wife about cleaning their apartment. The wife got mad and grabbed a knife. During the spat, she cut her husband's foot with the knife.

In an apartment on Mayson Avenue, a 19-year-old woman and her boyfriend were in bed. The boyfriend wanted her to turn off the alarm clock, but she refused. So the boyfriend hit her in the face with a pillow. Then, the woman slapped and punched the boyfriend. During the fight, the boyfriend bit the woman's right breast, causing a cut. The woman's mother said she saw the boyfriend bite her daughter's breast.

The woman was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for the cut on her breast; the boyfriend was jailed for simple battery.??
A 31-year-old Marietta man met a bald man who works in the music business. They went to dinner, and the Marietta man spent the night at the bald man's apartment. They arranged for another date, but the Marietta man was unable to make the date. In one day, the Marietta man received 50 phone calls from the bald man, who expressed his displeasure about the canceled date. The messages included, "You should be ready, I'm going to fuck you up."

A woman went to her father-in-law's wake at a funeral home on Pollard Boulevard. After the service, she got up and accidentally left her tote bag behind (her $300 cell phone was inside). The next day, she called the funeral home and asked about her bag. No one had turned in her belongings.

In Midtown, a 28-year-old man was arrested for walking in an alley on Eighth Street with his penis and testicles hanging out of the bottom of his shorts.

Someone broke into a home on Rockmart Drive by tearing off the burglar bars and cutting through the plastic sheet hanging over the window. The only item stolen: A pair of ankle weights used for jogging. The ankle weights are valued at $15.

On Simpson Street, an officer saw a homeless man carrying a plastic food container. The man reached the corner and threw the container to the ground and kept on walking. The officer stopped the man and arrested him for littering and disorderly conduct. The officer started to take the man to jail, but the man said he normally went to the psychiatric ward at Grady Hospital.

At a convenience store on Boulevard, a man wearing a large wooden chain walked in. He asked for a reduced price on cigarettes. The clerk refused to sell the cigarettes at the man's chosen price. So the man got mad and threatened to shoot the clerk when he stepped out of the store.

One morning, a woman started to drive her purple Dodge Intrepid down Harold Avenue, where she lives. The wheels started to wobble. When she checked the car, she realized two bolts had been removed from the wheels. She didn't know of any possible suspects.

At 6 a.m., an officer got a call about a naked man sitting in a car in a residential area on Fortress Drive. When the officer arrived, he saw a 32-year-old man sitting in a Honda, "with his genitals out in the open for the public to view." Also, the man was asleep. The officer woke up the man, who said he was having car trouble. The man went to jail for indecency.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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