The Blotter November 10 2004

On Pickfair Avenue, a 23-year-old woman told police that she believes her younger sister wants to poison her kids. She said she heard her younger sister, age 19, tell her aunt that she wanted some poison.

Police spoke with the aunt, who said both nieces have been fighting lately, and no one said anything about poisoning anyone. She said the younger sister asked her if she had any more poison left, but Poison is a perfume she has, not something to kill someone.

No charges filed. The older sister said she would seek a warrant at a later time.

On Williard Avenue, a middle-aged man said his nephew went into his room, looking for cigarettes. Then, the nephew, age 23, broke the dining room table and chairs. Then, the nephew went to the bathroom and ripped the toilet from the floor, causing water to run everywhere. The nephew tossed the table, chairs, and toilet into the back yard.

Police arrived and spoke with the nephew. He said the table and chairs were damaged because he fell on them. He said he removed the toilet because it smelled bad and he wanted it out of the house.

The nephew was jailed for criminal trespass.

At 1:30 a.m., an officer saw a man in bib overalls and a flannel shirt walking down Walnut Street. The man was carrying a TV and a box of new silverware. When the officer stopped him, the man got nervous and started looking around. The man said he was moving and taking his TV home.

The officer asked, "What brand of TV are you carrying?" The man said, "Sanyo." The officer shined his light on the TV, revealing that it was, in fact, a Panasonic.

The officer cuffed the man, who then changed his story and said he bought the TV and silverware for $40. He went to jail.

At 3:15 a.m., a man decided to park his car on a sidewalk on Peachtree Street. Another man asked, "Why is your car parked on the sidewalk?" "This is the way we do it in New York," the first man replied. Then, he got back in his car (a 2004 purple Chrysler Sebring) and proceeded to drive down the sidewalk, almost hitting a woman. She had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

The man was arrested for reckless driving. (Note: The man does not live in New York; he lives in Conley, Ga.)

A tipsy man in a tan coat walked into a convenience store on Pryor Road. The man in tan opened up four packages of ramen noodles and tried to cook them. The clerk asked the man if he planned on paying for the noodles. "No," the man said, making a scene. So the clerk called police. But the man in tan fled before police showed up.

A police officer found a 54-year-old man asleep in the stairwell of an apartment complex on Roswell Road. In front of the man was a 40-ounce bottle of beer, and a crack pipe lay beside him. The man's pants were unzipped, and his penis was in his hand.

The officer woke up the man, who became loud and uncontrollable. He said he just needed to use the bathroom. The man, who is unemployed, was jailed for disorderly conduct under the influence.

At noon on Decatur Street, an 81-year-old man said two strangers turned over his wheelchair and went through his pockets, stealing $200 cash. No suspects.

A man was standing at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Westlake Boulevard. It was 2:30 in the afternoon. A black Ford Expedition pulled up and a masked man shot at him. The man was hit in the forehead. Medics arrived and deduced that the man had been assaulted with a paint-ball gun.

The man suffered redness and bruising to the forehead. Nothing further.Two officers were sent to investigate prostitutes working on Connell Avenue. They saw two women flagging down cars into a parking lot and approaching the drivers. When the women spotted police, they tried to run but the officers caught them. Police asked one woman to say and spell her last name. "Smith," the woman said, and then proceeded to spell her real last name, which isn't Smith. The woman said, "Oh, my bad, I'm sorry. I was about to screw up big time." Then, she gave her correct name.

Both women went to jail.

On Second Avenue, an officer saw a man enter a phone booth and stuff a wrapper from a bag of chocolate chip cookies into a pole (which was part of the phone booth). The man, age 25, was ticketed for littering.

A 36-year-old woman was asleep in her apartment on Old Hapeville Road. She woke up and saw an acquaintance known as "Peaches" walking out of a room. After "Peaches" left, the woman realized the following items were missing from her apartment: a microwave, a DVD player, a VCR, and two televisions.

"Peaches" was described as a woman in her 30s with long, straight black hair.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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