The Blotter December 30 2004

An officer responded to a call about a stabbing on Constitution Road. A 48-year-old man took the officer inside his apartment. The man's girlfriend was standing in the kitchen. There was blood on the floor and several blood-soaked rags and towels.

The officer asked the girlfriend, Where were you stabbed? The girlfriend pulled down her pants and showed her buttocks. "There was a stab wound that went through the bottom of her right butt cheek and out the top of the butt cheek," the officer wrote.

The man turned over a large bowie knife. He said his girlfriend fell on the knife.

The officer wrote: "(The man and the girlfriend) went out last night and got drunk and when they got home this morning, they were 'playing around' with the knife during some type of kinky sex act. According to (the girlfriend), they have kinky sex a lot. This time (the girlfriend) was holding the knife as (the man) was holding her, standing up, having sex. (The man) lost his balance and fell, still holding onto (the girlfriend) and (the girlfriend) was still holding onto the knife. As they fell (the girlfriend) reached back to catch herself and as they hit the floor — she stabbed herself in the buttocks."

No charges filed. The girlfriend went to the hospital, and the man went with her.

One evening, a married man was watching television in his home on Shepherds Circle. Suddenly, a naked man tried to break in. The naked man grabbed a picnic table and used it to break the patio door. Call the police, the married man told his wife.

An officer arrived and found the naked man walking down Honeysuckle Lane. The naked man, age 29, had dreadlocks and a thin mustache. The naked man was taken to Grady Hospital because he was unclothed and "not speaking in his right mind," the officer noted.

On Cleveland Avenue, a 32-year-old man said when he parks his car outside his apartment, he takes up two spaces. He does this so his car won't be damaged. (It's a 2003 black Dodge Intrepid.)

So one night, the man parks in two spaces outside his apartment on Cleveland Avenue. During the night, someone managed to pick up the rear of his car and move it into one space.

The man wanted to file a police report about his car being moved. (The car wasn't damaged.) No suspects at this time.

A fight about garbage broke out among three roommates on Marietta Street.

The roommates are all young women. And each woman wore a red shirt during the garbage spat.

The first roommate, age 20, said after the garbage fight, she went to her room. But her roommates turned out the power in her room. So she grabbed a knife, but she says she didn't pull the knife on anyone. A physical fight broke out, she said.

The second roommate, age 19, said during the fight, she was cut with the knife on her hand. Everyone was hitting each other, she said.

The third roommate, age 18, said during the garbage fight, she was hit by the roommate with the knife.

The roommate with the knife was charged with aggravated assault. The other two roommates were charged with simple battery.

At 2 a.m. an officer found a homeless man trying to sleep on I-75 North, at Northside Drive. The homeless man, who wore a red hat, was jailed for violating pedestrian duties.

A woman said she kept $7,000 in a small cookie jar, inside her apartment on James Jackson Road. One day, she returned and found her apartment in disarray. Someone had kicked in the door and taken the $7,000 from the cookie jar. Nothing else was reported missing. The woman had no idea who would do this.

On John Wesley Dobbs Avenue a 22-year-old man said he was in his apartment, with his girlfriend and their two-month-old son, when a can of pepper spray accidentally went off in his face.

The girlfriend's story was a tad different: The girlfriend said she and the man got in a spat about sex. She said the man got extremely upset when she went into the bedroom to "take care of it herself." He followed her into the bedroom and tried to choke her, she said. Then, he tried to crush her head with his hands, she said. So she sprayed his face with pepper spray. This incident occurred in front of their infant son.

The girlfriend had no visible injuries. The boyfriend was arrested for simple battery and cruelty to children.

In Midtown, an undercover officer saw someone standing on the corner of 5th and Juniper streets. The officer wrote, "At first, I thought the person was a female (wearing leopard-print tights, high-heel shoes, with long hair and a purse)." Turns out, it was a man dressed as a woman.

As the officer's car stopped, the female impersonator walked up and asked for a ride home. The officer said he didn't have much gas and needed money for gas. The female impersonator offered to give oral sex in exchange for a ride home.

The female impersonator, a 27-year-old from Decatur, was arrested for prostitution.

At Lenox Mall, a 35-year-old woman put down her purse near the Pink Pig ride. A few minutes later, the purse was gone. The woman doesn't know what happened to her purse. In addition to credit cards, the purse contained a paycheck from Grady Hospital for $8,800.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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