The Blotter January 20 2005

A muscular 21-year-old man admitted to a detective that he walked into a fraternity house on Continental Colony Parkway and stole a big Omega sign and a "Ritual Kit." He said he took the items because the back door, which is glass, was broken, and he didn't want anyone to steal or damage it. The Omega sign was in the back of man's pickup truck. He said the Ritual Kit was at his father's house.

The man, who attends West Virginia State University, went to jail for burglary. The Ritual Kit was not further described in the report.

A man who goes by the alias "Kissing Bandit" was causing a disturbance at a McDonald's on Jesse Hill Jr. Drive. Kissing Bandit refused to leave the McDonald's. So police were called. When an officer showed up, he spoke with Kissing Bandit. Turns out, Kissing Bandit had just been released from the psychiatric ward at Grady Memorial Hospital and deemed healthy.

Finally, Kissing Bandit decided to leave the McDonald's. He walked outside and laid down in the middle of the street, causing cars to stop. Kissing Bandit was charged with pedestrian in roadway and taken to jail.

A male doctor said three cars were vandalized in the parking lot of his office on Boulevard. Also, parking signs were damaged. The doctor, a 35-year-old man, suspects a former patient. He treated the patient about two years ago, and since her discharge, the patient keeps contacting him by writing and sending love letters. The doctor said he has made it clear to the patient that he doesn't want any contact with her, personally or professionally. He also said he'd never had any contact with her outside his profession. The woman has come to his office to drop off personal packages. Her letters have arrived daily for quite some time.

The patient, a 40-year-old woman, hails from Newnan. Police told the man about his legal options regarding the situation.

On New Year's Eve a Smyrna man went to a bar at Underground Atlanta. He bought a drink and handed his debit card to a female bartender. But the bartender never returned his debit card. So the man went to the manager and asked for his card. The manager said the female bartender was tired and sent home for drinking on the job. So the man called police and reported the debit card stolen. He had $3,600 in the account at the time of the theft.

A homeless 46-year-old woman called 911 and said she stabbed her daughter during an argument. An officer went to the daughter's apartment on Lavender Street. When the officer arrived, the mother was screaming in the middle of the street. The mother said the daughter jumped on her. The officer frisked her for weapons and found only a pencil.The officer talked to the daughter, age 24. She said during the argument, her hand was cut somehow, but not by a weapon. The daughter didn't want to press charges against her mother, who kept interrupting the daughter's statement and screaming at her. The officer wrote, "I noticed that [the mother] had urinated on herself and that she had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her person."

The mother was jailed for disorderly conduct.

A man with shoulder-length hair ran out of a sex-toy specialty shop on Northside Drive. Store employees were chasing him. Two cops were nearby, and the employees said a man had stolen some stuff. So the two cops joined the foot chase. They chased the man through an abandoned garage and into another building. The man dashed into a dark room and hid his hands under some blankets. After a struggle, the officers arrested the man. Inside the man's pants leg were five stolen dildos (two Hard Throb dildos, two Micro Light dildos, and one dildo called The Emperor). Also, there were three DVDs called Nasty 7. (The man had tied a shoelace around the ankle of the pants leg so the merchandise would stay put.) The man, age 24, went to jail.

At Grady Hospital, an employee said a patient was upset about her treatment and wanted to kill herself. Several nurses tried to detain the patient, a 22-year-old woman. The patient spit into one nurse's face and said, "That's why I have AIDS, fat bitch." The patient was charged with simple battery.

A 23-year-old woman is a member of the Atlanta Hawks dance team. On New Year's Eve, she called police and said that awhile ago, the team had a camp practice in the conference room of a hotel on Peachtree Street. Around 2 p.m., she left her mother's video camera against the wall, underneath some clothes in the conference room. She left the room for four to five minutes. When she returned, the video camera was gone. She said the doors to the conference room were closed (but not locked), and other team members were in and out. The dancer called police about the theft two-and-a-half months after it occurred. The video camera is valued at $800.

At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a female employee said an unknown man snatched her airport security identification badge from around her neck. According to the report, "She stated that she paid it no mind until her employer advised that she needs a police report." The employee didn't know her badge number, which is on her picture ID. And she couldn't give a vivid description of how the crime was committed. The employee is 21 years old. All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta Police reports and are public record.??

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