The Blotter February 03 2005

A 31-year-old man called police to his residence on Cahoon Street. He said his neighbors were plotting against him. He said he heard his neighbors say they were going to break in and rob him or kill him. He said his neighbors are connected to his house and he has heard them through the walls. He said he has never seen his neighbors, but he wanted to file a police report. The officer filed a police report. No further information.

A 39-year-old man called police and said a bag of women's panties and bras were stolen from his apartment on Canterbury Road. He suspects his wife (a blond woman who is 17 years younger than him). He and his wife are getting a divorce, and the wife left the apartment two weeks ago. He thinks she returned to the apartment and took the panties and bras (which belong to her).The officer noted that the husband and wife continuously call police on each other. The husband said the wife had permission to retrieve her panties and underwear, but she was supposed to bring a sheriff with her.

No charges filed.

A 22-year-old woman called a male friend and asked to borrow money to do some laundry. He agreed, so she drove to his apartment on Cleveland Avenue. The woman's story: After she got the money, the man asked if he could play with her body. No, she said. The man started playing with his penis in front of her. Then, he slapped her buttocks. Stop, she said, because she doesn't like to be slapped on the butt. He repeatedly "slapped her ass," so she slapped him and bit his shoulder. The man appeared to be turned on by the bites and slaps, and he pushed her down and choked her.

The man's story: He said the night before, they had a phone conversation. He said she likes rough, kinky sex and she likes to bite her mate during sex. He said he was feeling her breast and body (with consent). He slapped her ass, knowing that she didn't like it, but he was playing with her and she was playing with him. She started acting violent, so he grabbed her. He said he was not applying pressure, but he did have his hands on her neck, trying to calm her down. He grabbed her cell phone and said if she left the apartment, he would give it back, but she needed to leave.

Then, he walked the woman to her car and returned her cell phone. The woman's baby (under age 1) was left in the car the entire time. The baby had gotten out of the car seat and was playing in the washing powder. The man made a joke that at least the baby did not eat the washing powder. He said when the woman left, they were calm and he thought everything was OK.

The man said the woman comes over a lot for oral sex and sexual favors. The man said he didn't feel an assault took place, but since she had her baby with her, he didn't want to charge her for biting him. Just take me, he told police.

The man, age 36, has a tattoo of "Dirty South" on his arm. He went to jail.

A man stopped on Northside Drive to help a woman with her car. (The battery was dead.) While he was trying to fix her car, a drunk man walked up. The drunk man was speaking incoherently and tried to punch him. A police officer happened to be driving by. The officer stopped and talked to the drunk man. "He spoke of being empowered by the president and by God and Jesus," the officer wrote. "[The man] declined to answer my questions but did continue to speak of diving anointing."

Also, there was a crack pipe in the drunk man's pants. The man went to jail. At the jail, some deputies said they were familiar with the drunk man and he usually fought them, so they usually carried a stun gun around him.

A 42-year-old woman on Moreland Avenue called police and said an inmate on Death Row wrote her a letter, stating that he wants her to be his friend. The woman believes that the inmate may have located her picture and name from a newspaper article that was published four years ago. The woman said the death-row inmate may have had help in obtaining her address, and she wants this to stop.

A female OFFICER was patrolling Underground Atlanta when she saw a middle-aged man inside the mall. Since it was early (8:30 a.m.) and the mall wasn't officially open yet, the officer approached the man. Agitated, the man said, "Take that damn uniform off and I will show you what an old man will do to you, bitch." Then, he spit on the officer. The man was arrested for using fighting words and spitting.

A man WAS SUSPECTED OF tAkING $40,000 from an ATM on Cheshire Bridge Road. The man works as a maintenance technician with a bank company, and it's his job to fill the ATMs with money. Allegedly, the man signed out $128,000 in $20 bills and $20,000 in $10 bills. But he didn't put the $40,000 in the Cheshire Bridge ATM. When a bank employee confronted the suspect about the theft, the man quit his job and refused to talk further. The man, age 41, hails from Locust Grove.

A 55-year-old woman was walking to her car, in the parking lot of an office building on 14th Street. A man walked up, pulled out a handgun and demanded her purse. The woman looked him in the eye, threw her purse over her shoulder, and said if he wanted her purse, he could go get it. Then, she said he should get a job. The man put the gun in his pants and said he was just joking. No, you weren't joking, the woman replied. Again, she said he should get a job. The man walked away.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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