The Blotter March 09 2005

At Phipps Plaza, three men broke into a Gucci store and stole 26 handbags and accessories worth $21,000. When the police report was filed, the three men hadn't been caught. Three security guards were working that night. One guard was patrolling the outside of the mall. One guard was walking inside the mall and was distracted by the cleaning crew, which possibly could have been a diversion for the burglary, according to the report. The police report didn't indicate the location of the third security guard during the theft.

An undercover officer was working on Fourth and Juniper streets in Midtown. A 40-year-old man asked the officer for a ride. While inside the car, the man "did knowingly grab, massage, remove then put his mouth on my penis without permission," the officer wrote. The man was arrested for sexual battery. During arrest, the man's fake breast — a condom filed with water — fell from his shirt and burst open on the ground.

A 25-year-old man got several calls from a 19-year-old woman, asking about her Valentine's Day gift. During the calls, the man said that he didn't get a Valentine's Day gift for her. The woman replied that he would like his car when he got home. Later, someone scratched "Fat Bitch" across the hood of the man's car.

A fight broke out between a middle-aged fat man and a middle-aged Decatur man. The fat man said he invited the Decatur man over to his apartment on Bowen Street to hang out — but now he wanted him to leave. A police officer asked, "How do you two know each other?" The fat man said they had been friends for years. However, the men didn't know each other's names.

Finally, the Decatur man admitted that they had just met that evening. He said the fat man offered to pay him to go to his apartment for "companionship." At the apartment, they laid down on the bed. The fat man requested that they cuddle first. Apparently, the Decatur man wasn't cuddling correctly, and the fat man got mad. A pushing match broke out. After a short fight, the fat man told him to leave. But according to the report, the Decatur man "did not want to leave without payment for the cuddling that he did do."

Both men were arrested for disorderly conduct.

A woman with blond hair and blue eyes advertised herself on the Internet website www.halfpricegirls.com. A police officer working a vice detail arranged to meet the woman at a location on Peachtree Walk. The woman offered a "girlfriend experience," in exchange for $100. The officer wrote, "She asked me to undress and massaged my penis with oil, then attempted to put a condom on my penis. She stated that she did not do penetration. The condom was for the girlfriend experience. This act was performed while we were both naked. During the visit, pizza and drinks were ordered at a total cost of $30." The woman was arrested for massaging and escorting without a permit.

A female impersonator wearing a red dress was spotted at the intersection of Fifth and Peachtree streets. He was trying to flag down cars. A police officer noted, "While driving past the suspect, you could clearly see the suspect's exposed butt as he showed it to all vehicles passing by." The female impersonator, a 26-year-old man with long black hair, was jailed for indecency and pedestrian violations.

On Dogwood Avenue, a 22-year-old woman got a phone call. The caller said he was "Mike" with the governor's office. The caller said he would be sending her a check for $5,000 because she was so good at paying her taxes on time. He said he needed her bank account number, and the money would be deposited into her bank account. The woman said she didn't have a bank account, but her grandmother did. So she called her grandmother and arranged a three-way conversation with "Mike." The grandmother gave "Mike" her Social Security number, date of birth, and bank account number. But when "Mike" asked for her PIN number, the grandmother hung up. The next day, the grandmother closed her bank account — no money had been taken out of the account.

Police checked a condemned house on Mayland Avenue. They found a man and woman living there, with human feces and buckets of urine all over the house. They were taken to jail.

On Hill Street, a 39-year-old woman said her brother slapped her on the head one morning during an argument. The brother told police that he was upset because his sister was disrespecting their dead mother by associating with junkies and bringing them into their home. The brother went to jail for "acting violent with another."

On Elmira Place, a man flagged down a police officer. Someone had someone spray-painted "Fuck Bush" and "G-20 WAR ON CLASS" on the man's black Ford Explorer. On Josephine Street (which is one block away), someone had tagged another SUV with the phrase "War On Class" on a silver Isuzu Rodeo. Both Elmira Place and Josephine Street are located just blocks from Little Five Points.

A company located on Coca-Cola Plaza received about 30 obscene calls one day. The callers are a mixture of young men and women speaking broken English and French. The officer wrote, "Many of the calls begin with the following comment: 'You are a boy, I am a girl, suck my dick, suck my dick.' It is believed that the calls are originating in France."

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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