The Blotter March 30 2005

An Atlanta police narcotics team executed a search warrant at an apartment on Jackson Street. They stopped one man, who was trying to escape out the back door. In the bathroom, police found another man taking a bath in the tub. This man, age 29, was allowed to put his clothes on. He said he was taking a bath because he had defecated on himself.

Police dogs found 7.6 grams of crack in a bedroom vent, and one hit of crack by the stove.

The 29-year-old man said the apartment belongs to his aunt. But police deduced that the aunt had passed away. The 29-year-old was charged with drug possession and giving false information.

MEDICS AND POLICE responded to a call about a "person down" on Kimberly Road. The "person down" was a 53-year-old Decatur man, who smelled of booze.A police officer asked the man to let the medics examine him. The man resisted, saying, "Fuck you! You are the devil!" So the officer arrested the man. During arrest, the man kept saying, "Adolph is going to kill me! I hate you, I wish you would die! You smell bad!"

The man was taken to a police precinct, where he was charged with public drunkenness.

AN OFFICER went to an apartment on Ponce de Leon Avenue to investigate a suspicious letter. At the apartment, a woman said her father received a letter March 10 from an unknown person. She wanted police to review the letter to determine if it was threatening. The letter is titled "Real Time Philosophy of Johnny Tsunami." "Nothing in the packet seemed threatening toward [the father]," the officer wrote, noting that the Zone 6 police department received a similar packet months ago.

A 29-YEAR-OLD WOMAN met a man at a restaurant in Buckhead. (She doesn't remember the man's name.) The man introduced her to a Nigerian man, who convinced her to invest $30,000 of her personal cash into a business deal. The Nigerian man told the woman that she had to enter into an agreement to process the money with a chemical solution. According to the police report, "This scheme is known as black money." The Nigerian man allegedly scammed $30,000 from the woman.

AROUND 4 A.M., a 22-year-old man returned from a night of clubbing to his apartment on Hollywood Road. A man known as "Shorty Pimp" entered his apartment, claiming that the 22-year-old owed him $200.Shorty Pimp pulled out a gun, and the two men fought. The gun went off several times, as the fight moved from the apartment to the deck. Eventually, Shorty Pimp fled down the stairs with the gun.

During the fight, the 22-year-old man was shot in the leg. Police found him lying on his kitchen floor, bleeding. He told police that he knew Shorty Pimp from his childhood in Perry Homes, but he hadn't seen Shorty Pimp in 18 years - until tonight. (Since both the man and Shorty Pimp are age 22, this means they last met when they were 4 years old.)

Police checked the area for Shorty Pimp but couldn't find him.

AT A CHURCH ON ROSWELL ROAD, the minister's room was vandalized. Someone wrote "Jesus is Dead" on the board and scattered the minister's robes around. Also, the hand-towel dispenser was ripped from the wall. There were no suspects — and no signs of forced entry in the minister's room.

A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN found a bag containing teenage porn CDs and notebooks. She found the bag in the woods behind her home on Kilburn Drive. "She was concerned about the porn items in the bag, therefore she decided to contact police," the officer wrote. The laptop computer bag contained the business card of a man whose work address was listed as a consulting firm on North Park Place.

A POORLY DRESSED man walked into a gas station on Lee Street and stole two cans of Vienna sausages. A video camera recorded the theft. When police arrived, the man said, "I ate them, I was hungry!" The man was charged with shoplifting and taken to jail. The Vienna sausages were valued at $1.29 per can.

ON JAMAICA ROAD, a man said his wife took a lit cigarette and burnt the back of his neck during an argument. Also, she bit him twice on the arm. Police photographed the man's bite marks and burn (which was serious). Police spoke with the wife, who initially gave a false name and denied even knowing her husband. Then, she denied that she and her husband argued that day. However, she admitted to burning her husband with a lit marijuana cigarette earlier that week. The officer asked, "Why did you burn your husband?" She said, "Because he was fucking with me."

The wife was arrested, and she got hostile. She accused two officers of being sexually involved with her husband.

A police sergeant arrived on the scene. The wife demanded that the sergeant look at the blood that was running down her face, and accused one officer of punching her. (The wife was not bleeding, and the officer did not punch her.)

The wife was charged with battery. She has a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on her arm and speaks with a Southern accent.

AT A BARBECUE, a man spilled vinegar on his shirt. So a female acquaintance gave him another shirt to wear. Later, the man returned to her apartment on Chivers Street to get his shirt back. He kicked in her door, breaking it. He cussed her out. The woman doesn't know the man's last name. She said he threatened to put his hands on her and called her "bitches." According to the police report, "It is not known why he got so mad."

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record. ??

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