The Blotter February 20 2008

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

Sports nut run amok: A 44-year-old man got a trespassing warning from Philips Arena security last April. According to a police report, the man was harassing members of the Atlanta Hawks Community Development Staff as well as the Hawks head coach and general manager. "The suspect was calling both men and asking for favors and sending them letters that included pictures of himself and asking if he could be their friend," an officer wrote. "The suspect also showed up at a Coach's Camp at Philips Arena approximately one year ago and presented himself as a coach. He had taken a uniform and pretended he was a coach at the clinic." The man was kicked out of the building by the clinic's real coach (also a former Atlanta Hawk) and another employee, police said. Then the suspect started calling the clinic's coach and his adult daughter at home, and he also started calling another employee on a weekly basis, trying to get back into Philips Arena, police wrote. He was warned not to make contact with anyone at Philips Arena for one year. However, according to the police report, in late 2007, he called a woman in a Philips Arena office "in order to get back into a Hawks game." She told him not to call her anymore. Then the woman got flowers with a handwritten note, instructing her to go to his website. The officer wrote: "The staff at Philips Arena are concerned that the suspect is becoming more and more irrational in his behavior toward them. He does not understand that he is not welcome at the arena."

Metrosexual scalper on a health kick? A man dressed entirely in blue was busted for allegedly scalping hockey tickets outside Philips Arena. An officer ran a check on the man's hockey tickets — turns out they were allegedly stolen from a car in Alpharetta. So the man went to jail, and his personal belongings were turned in to police. They include: two packages of Avon foot powder, two bottles of vitamins, a bottle of herbal detox/flush and two packages of cocoa butter lotion.

Not even Dr. Phil could save this couple: A police officer responded to a call about a car theft on Forsyth Street. A 30-year-old woman — who works as a sports agent — said her employee just took her black BMW. "I was getting into my car, after starting it up, when [the employee] pulled me out very hard until I let go of the door, driving off with my purse and luggage still inside," she said. "I recognized [him] as being my employee ... My vehicle was stolen from my New York office on Feb. 2, 2008 at 4 p.m. I used my GPS system and traced my car parked on Forsyth and Brotherton in Atlanta." The officer asked: "Why didn't you report your stolen car in New York?" She replied, "The police in New York won't look for stolen cars." The officer said she must report the stolen car to New York police, and he would file an Atlanta police report as well. Then the officer gave her a ride to her friend's home near Lenox Square. En route, the woman said she spotted her BMW traveling on Peachtree Street. The officer stopped the BMW and spoke with the driver, a 33-year-old man. "That's my girlfriend," he said. "She is jealous and followed me to Magic City to see if I was cheating on her. I left in a hurry to go to Sandy Springs and make a police report about her arguing all the time. That car is mine. I checked that car out." The officer investigated the boyfriend and determined that he didn't steal the BMW. But the officer discovered that the boyfriend a) doesn't have a valid driver's license and b) has an active warrant in DeKalb County. So the boyfriend went to jail.

Back to the BMW. The officer checked out its car registration. Turns out its owner's first name is "Raven" – and the owner lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. Then the girlfriend said Raven is her business partner. The officer said the BMW would be impounded, and the registered owner could claim it.

Hot-tempered hooker: On Adair Avenue, a 48-year-old man said a woman, whom he had paid to have sex with him, showed up at his house, threw a brick at the door and kicked the door — causing about $200 in damages. No potential motive was given for the prostitute's door rampage. She was gone when police arrived. The man doesn't know the prostitute's name.

Saturday night special: Around 3 a.m. one Saturday night, a woman wearing a dress and high heels refused to leave a Buckhead bar, even after management asked her to go. Then she allegedly kicked a police officer. Also, she was "swearing and acting in an aggressive manner," the officer noted. The woman, age 28, hails from Loganville, Ga. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, obstructing police and trespassing.

Fact or fiction? Around 1:15 a.m., an officer saw a man wearing a camouflage coat outside a store on Boulevard. According to the store manager, the man was asking people for money and refusing to leave. When the man spotted the officer, he took off running — but the officer quickly caught him. The man was handcuffed and put into a patrol car, where he allegedly made a severe threat, the officer noted. He said "he was a known killer and when he got out, he was going to kill me," the officer wrote. A police sergeant arrived and talked with the man, age 40 and homeless. Then the man said he wasn't injured, but he would like to go to a hospital because he has AIDS. Police arrested him and took him to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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