The Blotter January 21 2009

CARBONATED REVENGE: A woman said someone poured soda all over her car and left a note, while it was parked at Peachtree Center. The note read: "Dear Asshole, I listened to your piece of shit alarm going off all day yesterday and today and I'm sick and tired of it. Either get it fixed or park somewhere else." The woman said her car alarm did have a problem.

PUTTING THE "FREE" IN FRITOS? A man was eating from several bags of chips — and refusing to pay for them — at a convenience store on Forsyth Street. According to the police report: "When an officer arrived, the suspect was sitting in a chair, still eating [one] of the many bags of chips. He then stood up and said, 'I am ready to go,' and put his hands behind his back." The officer asked the man why did he did it. "I want to go to jail. I need a rest," the man replied. The manager said the man ate about $12 worth of chips and refused to pay — and he did the same thing earlier that day and then came back and did it again. Police charged the 32-year-old man with shoplifting and took him to jail.

CRIMES AGAINST CLOTHES, PART I: A 31-year-old woman said while she and a friend were attending an event, she got several text messages from an ex-boyfriend. "I got your shit," read text No. 1. The woman didn't respond to that text — until friends called her cell and said the ex-boyfriend was in jail. Then, she texted him back and he replied within five minutes with: "I am going to be [at her house] until you pull up if you want you shit." She replied by texting, "I am on my way." He texted, "So it will be better if u pick up the phone B4 I brun [sic] this."

The woman told police she believed her ex-boyfriend had forced open her front door and stole a bag of her dirty clothes and the ex-boyfriend was talking about burning her dirty clothes. She says the ex-boyfriend isn't happy with her.

CRIMES AGAINST CLOTHES, PART II: A 28-year-old woman said her boyfriend called her at work and yelled about "another man." She said she suspected he might do something because of his anger. So she left work to check on her apartment on Piedmont Avenue. She said all her clothes were cut up and damaged. She suspects her boyfriend did this by putting her clothes in a tub of hot water, causing the colors to fade. According to the police report, about $5,000 worth of clothes were damaged.

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED: A 36-year-old woman said she helped an elderly woman off the train at the baggage claim at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. She said in the process, she left her Gucci purse on the train, and the train pulled away. Her purse was gone when the train returned to baggage claim, she said. The woman estimated the stuff in her purse is worth about $7,520 (including a Tiffany diamond necklace, a 2.3-karat diamond ring, a Gucci watch, a Gucci wallet and $130 cash).

POSH PACKING: A 34-year-old woman from Ann Arbor, Mich., said she put her backpack in the overhead compartment of a Delta plane — but she forgot to retrieve her backpack when she departed the plane at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. She said she returned later, but her backpack was gone. The woman said the stuff in her backpack is worth about $14,000. She said the following items were in her backpack: a diamond pen, two diamond and gold necklaces, diamond earrings, three pairs of gold earrings, a Mac laptop, a camera, and two zoom lenses. (Note: The Blotter Diva estimates the stuff in her backpack is worth about $7, including four pens, two lipsticks, and some breath mints.)

GOING TO THE LAND DOWN UNDER: A woman living on Elmira Place in Little Five Points said someone used her ID information to charge $409.85 at the Snip & Shape Hair Salon in Australia. No suspects.

FIRED UP: A 38-year-old woman said she was leaving a friend's apartment on McDaniel Street when her live-in girlfriend showed up and hit the trunk of her car with a stick. (Her car is a red Chrysler Sebring.) Apparently, she and her live-in girlfriend (age 22) had an ongoing dispute for several days. The 38-year-old woman said she called police and left the area, fearing further confrontation. She said when she returned to their home on Meldrum Street around 10 p.m., the live-in girlfriend was burning her books and makeup on the front lawn. The 38-year-old woman drove away, and flagged down a police officer.

While the officer was interviewing the woman, the live-in girlfriend walked up and yelled, "Yeah, I burned your books, take me to jail." So the officer arrested her. In the patrol car, the girlfriend yelled, "I burned the junk because there is no heat inside, and I was cold." She added, "I burned your junk, but I didn't hit your car with a stick, I hit your window with my fist." The girlfriend went to jail on charges of disorderly conduct and damaging property.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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