The Blotter October 28 2009

JACK-O-LANTERN DENIED: Around 3 a.m., a man in a brown coat tried to buy a pumpkin and some flowers at a grocery store on Piedmont Avenue. The cashier said he couldn’t buy them because the grocery store was closed. The man reportedly got very agitated, walked outside and flung the pumpkin at the store, damaging the pumpkin. Then the man reportedly kicked the flowers. The man left on a red bicycle. Police arrived and searched the area but couldn’t find him.

SPOOKY VISITOR: A 33-year-old man said he heard the doorbell ring at his home on Euclid Avenue. He saw a woman around age 30 standing outside his door, peering in his windows. He said she had blond dreadlocks and she wore black pants and a high-visibility green traffic vest. According to the man, the woman walked around to the back of his house, then she returned to the front and broke open the front door. The man said he confronted the woman and she tried to give him a piece of paper saying her name was Denise and she was looking for her stolen television. The man said he was going to call police and the woman walked away, threatening that the man’s stuff would get stolen later. The man wrote down the woman’s tag number before she drove away. Police ran a computer check on the tag — it came back on a 2009 Jeep Wrangler stolen in Atlanta. The woman reportedly caused about $500 worth of damage to the man’s front door. 

NO COSTUME HERE: A 27-year-old man said he returned home and found a totally nude woman urinating in the hallway of his apartment complex on Glenwood Avenue. He said he asked the woman what she was doing in the hallway and she got very violent and hostile. The woman reportedly called him a “bitch” and said, “I will kick your ass, you bitch, fuck you.” The man said he was concerned for his safety so he called police. An officer arrived. “I also observed a pile of clothes and a puddle of urine on the floor in the hallway of the apartment complex, next to [the woman],” an officer wrote. The woman, age 27, was arrested for indecent exposure, among other charges.

TRICK FOILED: At a grocery store on Cascade Avenue, a middle-aged man riding a power scooter allegedly tried to steal hygiene items. A security guard said he approached the man — and the man suddenly got out of the power scooter and started walking. According to the guard, the man tried to steal 14 personal hygiene items by securing them to his legs with shoelaces. He went to jail on a shoplifting charge

FRIEND TURNED MONSTER? A 61-year-old man said he called his friend of many years to talk about an issue. He said his friend agreed to pick him up at the Taco Bell on Ponce de Leon Avenue because his friend didn’t want to go to his home because of the high-crime area.
The 61-year-old man said he walked to the Taco Bell and his friend picked him up around midnight. He said they went to the Majestic restaurant and talked over coffee and pie. When they left the Majestic, he thought his friend was going to take him home. During the drive, the friend reportedly asked to see the man’s watch — and the man took off his Aviator watch (worth $700) and handed it to his friend. He said his friend stopped the car on Greenwood Avenue, reached over and opened the passenger door, then the friend threw the 61-year-old’s cane outside and pushed him out of the car and onto the ground. “Why don’t you just die? Don’t contact me anymore,” the friend reportedly said. Then, the friend reportedly left with the man’s watch.
     The 61-year-old man said he wasn’t hurt and he managed to get back on his feet, walk to a gas station and find a taxi. The 61-year-old said when he returned home, he was shaken up and fell asleep. He said he slept most of the day, waking occasionally to use the bathroom. When he finally woke up for good, he decided to call police and report the incident with his friend. The 61-year-old said his friend is a waiter at a downtown restaurant.

CASPER, THE FRIENDLY GHOST? A woman said she left her home on Cleveland Avenue around 6 a.m. and her house was locked and secured. She said when she returned home and unlocked the front door, she noticed her table was moved to the wall and several photographs were moved from their original locations. An officer arrived and looked around. Nothing was damaged.

TOO MUCH WITCHES’ BREW Police dealt with a car crash at the intersection of Macon Place and Macon Drive. An officer talked with the driver, a man who appeared very drunk. “When he tried to get up, he fell forward onto his face,” the officer wrote. The officer helped the man up, and asked if he had been drinking. “No,” the man said, and refused to do any sobriety tests. When the officer let go of the man’s arm, he fell over again. “I ain’t drunk, I wasn’t even driving,” the man said. Police found a spilled 24-ounce Bud Light by the brake pedal. The officer charged the man with DUI and took him to jail ... but the man couldn’t get out of the patrol car. Two medics helped the officer pull the man out. “We then physically had to carry the male into the detention center because he was unable to walk due to his high level of intoxication.”

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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