The Blotter November 11 2009

HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES: An officer was working an extra job for Ansley Park Security Patrol when he responded to a call about an alleged theft on Inman Circle. A woman said in April or May 2009, she loaned a diamond ring to a female friend. “The ring holds sentimental value to both parties,” the officer wrote. Also, the ring is reportedly worth $27,500 and the diamond is 2.68 carats. The woman said in August 2009, she asked her friend to return the ring, but her friend refused and said, “Buy another one.” Now, her friend won’t return her calls, the woman said. She said she talked to her lawyer about the situation and she isn’t sure she wants to press charges, but she wanted an informational police report filed, because of the value of the ring. The officer gave her a case number. Her female friend lives in Smyrna.

DOWN AND OUT IN ATLANTA, PART 1: An officer dealt with a call about a homeless person sleeping in a city vehicle at Trinity Avenue and Broad Street. The officer said the homeless man exited the car and talked to two city workers who were preparing to leave. “The area in question is a fenced-in and locked parking area for City of Atlanta Planning and Research vehicles,” the officer wrote. “The vehicle is a white Taurus that is parked in a parking space.” Cardboard had been placed against the windows to prevent people from looking into the car. “The vehicle had a lot of trash, feces, urine, food, throwup, drug paraphernalia and a broken window,” the officer wrote. “The suspect advised to me that he has been sleeping in the vehicle for over a month.” The front gate was locked, but the man apparently entered through a piece of fence that was cut open. “The vehicle will be removed by city workers and attempts will be made to salvage what they can.” The homeless man, age 55, went to jail on a trespassing charge.

DOWN AND OUT IN ATLANTA, PART II: On Gun Club Road, a 24-year-old woman was exposing her sexual organs in public, an officer noted. “[The woman] had nothing but a towel on and was causing a disturbance in the neighborhood,” the officer wrote. The woman was charged with public indecency and a computer check revealed she had a probation violation for disorderly conduct in Fulton County. “[The woman] was transported to Grady Detention due to the fact that she is a known demented person and because of the fact that there was a situation several weeks ago where she threatened to kill herself with a butcher knife near the same location, which SWAT had to get involved with,” the officer wrote. “Nothing further.”

GOOD STORAGE SPACE? A 36-year-old man said he went to workout at a gym on Carmia Drive. He said when he returned to his truck in the parking lot, several items were missing. “Victim stated that his Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Id and wallet badge were missing,” an officer wrote. Also, the man said his service weapon (a Beretta gun), Taser and tactical vest were missing. “A copy of the report was also forwarded to Homeland Security due to law enforcement items that were stolen.” The police officer tried to recover fingerprints from the truck — but couldn’t get any quality prints.

ROUGH NIGHT IN BUCKHEAD: A 26-year-old man said he went to a bar on Irby Avenue around 5 p.m. on Saturday. He said around 2 a.m., some women in the bar offered him a fruity cocktail. “[The man] said he drank the cocktail and was leaving when the females invited him out to their hotel,” an officer wrote. “[The man] said he refused to go with them and told them he needed to go across the street and get money from the ATM for a taxi home. [The man] said the females offered him a ride to the ATM and he accepted, past that point, he is not sure what happened over the next few hours or what happened to his credit cards.” The man remembered meeting up with his friends a few hours later and realizing his credit cards were gone. He said someone used his credit cards a few times before the cards were shut down. He said he believes he might have been drugged because he can’t account for three or four hours of the morning.

ROUGH NIGHT IN KIRKWOOD: Around 4 a.m., police got several 911 calls about two women yelling outside the front door of a home on Rogers Street. An officer responded to the scene. A 22-year-old woman was crying and said two women busted the motion lights by her front door, threw a chair off her front porch, and yelled, cursed and threatened her through the front door, while accusing her of stealing a wallet. The 22-year-old woman said both suspects were extremely drunk and she had no idea what they were talking about. She said she recognized the women from the Little Five Points area, where she works at a pizza shop. Also, she said the women are friends with her old roommate. The officer wrote, “I recognized the names and descriptions of the suspects from previous incidents I had responded to where the suspects were involved.” The suspects are described as a 20-year-old woman wearing a tank top, with a Nike tattoo behind her left ear, and a 21-year-old woman in a red hoodie, with multiple tattoos. The officer went to one suspect’s apartment nearby — but no one was home.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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