The Blotter February 10 2010

COVER WARS: After midnight, police dealt with a couple in their 20s who live together on Dorsey Street. The woman, 24, said they were in bed when her boyfriend took the blanket from her. She said they argued and her boyfriend grabbed her arm, causing a scratch, and pushed her to the floor. She said she hit her boyfriend's head only after he pushed her to the floor.

The boyfriend's side: He said his girlfriend struck his head with her fist and scratched his neck with her fingernails. He said he pushed her to the floor to prevent her from attacking him any more.

They both had scratches, the officer noted. Both the boyfriend and girlfriend went to jail on battery charges. (The Blotter Diva recommends: Get two blankets, avoid jail.)

HEY, THAT PART STILL WORKS: Around midnight, an officer went to a home on West Lake Avenue to get information on a possible missing person. A wife said her husband left home about two hours ago because of a dispute over sex. The officer wrote, "She said she is recovering from a mild heart attack and doctors told her to relax and take it easy and her husband was upset because of her decision of not having sex with him tonight." Apparently, the 74-year-old husband got into his Ford F-150 and drove away. The wife, 69, said her husband has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia. She said he can go to the store and find his way around, but it was unlike him to leave at such a late hour and not return home.

MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING: A recently married couple in their 40s argued at their home on Conley Road. The wife said she and her husband disagreed over whether they should sell their car. She said her husband grabbed her neck, but she refused medical treatment. The couple got married in October 2009. The husband went to jail on a simple battery charge.

WIGGED OUT: Around 1 a.m. at a nightclub on Main Street, a security guard said a disorderly woman was standing on a couch in the VIP section and she refused to come down.

A police officer spotted the woman "with her back turned to the crowd, shaking her buttocks while dancing to the music on the couch." The officer wrote, "I stood and watched security as they made hand gestures for [the woman] to get off the couch. About 30 seconds later, we witnessed [the woman] fall backwards with no assistance onto the wooden table, knocking over several drinks that were left on the table, as well as the drink she was holding. After [she] had fallen on her back and rolled onto her stomach, she was then partially nude from the waist down, because of the fall, the short dress that she was wearing raised up above her belly button ... ." Security tried to escort the woman out of the club and she reportedly resisted. "Fuck y'all, get off of me," she said.

The officer grabbed the woman and guided her outside.

Once outside, the woman realized she wasn't getting back into the club. "That's not fair!" she yelled. "Listen to me, officer!" The woman tried to tell her side of the story but she was stuttering and slurring, the officer noted. The woman got furious because she believed the officer wasn't paying attention, so she reportedly tried to punch the officer as she yelled, "See, you're not listening to me!" The officer backed away as the woman took a swing – and she lost her balance and fell forward. The officer caught her before she hit the ground. "Fuck y'all. My dad is a police officer, too!" she said. Also, the intoxicated woman said she is bipolar, so officers took her to Grady Memorial Hospital instead of jail. The woman, 22, hails from Smyrna. Her friend took the woman's stuff for safekeeping, including her wig that had fallen off.

IT'S COMPLICATED: Around 5 a.m., an officer responded to a call at a nightclub on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. A 23-year-old woman said her baby's daddy saw her inside the nightclub and slashed her tires. But she didn't actually witness him doing anything. Her damaged car was blocking traffic. The woman said she would come back in the morning and get her car.

SIGN THE ECONOMY SUCKS, NO. 968: Around 2 p.m., an officer saw a man carrying a large piece of metal while he walked down a driveway on Benjamin E. Mays Drive. The officer turned his patrol car around so he could talk to the man. "When I pulled up, he was not carrying anything," the officer wrote. "I asked the male to walk back up the drive with me. We walked up and I found the piece laying in the grass where he was originally standing." (It is a cast-iron water-meter cover.) The man said he planned to sell the water-meter cover at a scrap yard and he admitted it didn't belong to him. The 53-year-old man went to jail on a larceny charge. The water-meter cover is worth about $200.

CLEANING FRENZY? An officer dealt with a roommate dispute at an apartment on Defoors Ferry Road. A 27-year-old man said his roommate slapped his face. The female roommate, 29, said when she walked into the apartment, the male roommate, who was replacing the blinds, asked her about cleaning the apartment. She said she would get to the cleaning. She said her roommate got upset and threw the blinds, draping them over her head. She said they argued and he pushed her.

No one was hurt. The officer charged both roommates with disorderly conduct. The male roommate went to jail and the female roommate got a ticket.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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