The Blotter April 14 2010

ANIMAL FARM, PART 1: A woman said she left two packages of dog food and some dog treats at her friend's house on Campbellton Road because she keeps her dog at her friend's house. (The woman, 58, lives in a nearby apartment.)

The woman said two days later, her friend called and said a suspect named Granddad had stolen her dog food and dog treats. The woman said she called Granddad and asked him why he took her dog food. She also called police. The woman said she owes Granddad $10, but that doesn't give him the right to steal her dog food.

A police officer called Granddad. "I took the dog food because [the woman] owes me $10 and does not want to pay me," Granddad reportedly said. The officer noted, "I was unable to obtain Granddad's real name."

Police told the woman to take out a warrant against Granddad at the Fulton County Courthouse.

ANIMAL FARM, PART 2: At an apartment complex on Perry Boulevard, a 23-year-old woman called police and said a maintenance man was inside her apartment refusing to leave. So an officer drove there. "She stated that he left her apartment right before I arrived," the officer wrote.

The woman said "her apartment is infested with rats and that when she asked for help from management, they refused," the officer wrote. The woman said she called the state environmental agency and they came out and gave the apartment managers three days to correct the rat problem. But the managers still hadn't gotten rid of the rats, the woman said.

"I observed dead rats behind the dishwasher and holes in the wall in the kitchen," the officer wrote. A police report was filed.

TROUBLE AT THE GOLDEN ARCHES: Around 8 a.m., an officer responded to a dispute at a McDonald's on Marietta Street. According to the police report, a 63-year-old man "was inside the McDonald's, spitting on the floor and threw and spit orange slices all over the location." The man went to jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

BOOKSTORE HULLABALLO: According to the manager of a bookstore on Peachtree Road, a man walked in and began scaring customers by poking them. The manager asked the man to leave, but he refused to go. "The suspect continued shopping," an officer wrote. "The suspect approached the check-out line and waited in line. When it was his turn, staff refused to wait on him. The suspect stated that if they did not wait on him, he was just going to leave — and he did with approximately $50 in magazines." The man reportedly opened the emergency exit door and ran away. Police could not find him.

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: An undercover officer responded to an Internet ad offering escorting services. An 18-year-old woman allegedly "agreed to come to my hotel room for an hour session, charging $350 an hour," the officer wrote. "Once inside, she took control of my money and stated the only thing off limits was 'cumming' inside her." Also, a 22-year-old woman allegedly agreed to come to the officer's hotel room — for $350 an hour. According to the officer, "She told me she does not do 'greek' (anal sex) but will provide a two-girl show." Both women did not have proper permits to escort. The officer arrested both women for allegedly escorting without permits and took them to jail.

IRATE CUSTOMER WITH STAMINA: An employee said a woman wearing a purple jacket walked into a cell phone store at the Edgewood Shopping Center. The woman apparently "was upset about her bill" and "stayed in the store for over three hours complaining about her bill," an officer wrote. The female employee said she finally got the irate woman to go outside — but the woman started yelling at her, so police were called. Apparently, the irate woman left before police arrived. But after police left, she allegedly returned to find the employee. The irate woman allegedly drove up in a gray Nissan Infiniti as the employee was getting into her own car in the parking lot. She said the irate woman wrote down her tag number and drove away. The employee is concerned because the irate woman now knows what kind of car she drives and her tag number.

PARTY CITY: One Friday night, police took a confidential source to help investigate alleged underage alcohol sales at a bar in Underground Atlanta. (The confidential source is under 21.) The confidential source went to the bar and "purchased two blue motherfuckers," an officer wrote. "A blue motherfucker contains Citron vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, and sweet and sour mix." The confidential source apparently paid $5 for each blue motherfucker and tipped the bartender $2. The confidential source was taken to a point of safety (the Zone 5 Underground precinct) before police made their presence known. Another investigator walked into the bar and showed the doorman his police badge. The doorman allegedly said he didn't care if the officer is the police, the officer still had to pay the $5 cover charge. The investigator said he was there to make an arrest. The doorman said, "If you've got a problem in here, you tell me first. I'm the manager on duty." The investigator arrested the doorman/manager and the bartender for allegedly selling alcohol to a person under 21. The bartender said she wasn't trained to ID customers — that was the doorman's job. The bartender got a ticket and the doorman/manager went to jail. He said he was closing the bar within two weeks.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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