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The Blotter August 25 2011

Teed off

A computer repairman was confronted by an apparently unhappy customer in his Delowe Drive apartment. He told police that a 41-year-old woman simply walked in, marched upstairs and demanded her husband’s computer from him. When the guy explained that she’d have to pay for the repairs first, the woman became irate. Oh, and all the while she had a golf club in her hand.

Somehow, the man convinced her to leave his bedroom and he shut the door. “She then hit the door with the golf club, which caused a dent in the door,” an officer wrote. The woman cursed some more and walked outside. “She then hit the front window with the golf club and busted the screen and front window.”

Eventually, the woman left — taking her golf club with her — and went back to her own apartment in the same complex. The officer went there and the woman admitted to the golf-club rampage. “She said she caught her husband cheating on her with another girl,” an officer wrote.” She said she also believes the [computer repairman] is sleeping with her husband.”

The golf club was sitting on the woman’s bed. Police turned it in as evidence, and the woman went to jail on several charges.

JUST BREAK UP ALREADY: A woman on Grove Park Place called police to report that a suitcase and three trash bags filled with her boyfriends clothes had been stolen from her home. The stuff had been sitting by the door because he was “just moving back into the house after a brief break up in the relationship.”

The woman told police that she suspects her brother took the stuff because he’s a crack addict, but the boyfriend called bullshit on that story. He told police that his girlfriend may have “staged the incident” because she wants him to move back into the house sooner than he wanted to, so he could be there with her during her pregnancy.

SPIRTS IN THE MATERIAL WORLD: In Buckhead, a man went to a men’s Bible study class at a church on Mt. Paran Road. When he emerged from Bible study, he discovered someone had broken into his car and stolen his laptop, Montblanc pen (worth $500 — yeah, for one pen) and his Ray-Ban sunglasses (worth $300).

GRIM WORKDAY: A man called police and said he’d hit a dog with his hearse during a funeral procession, and that he needs a police report. The dog is just fine, but the man really needed a report because he has to use his hearse again this weekend. The man didn’t have his license plate number on hand because he’d already taken the car to a repair shop. So an officer met the man at the shop, but “was unable to see any damages” because the hearse was already fixed. The officer filed a police report, noting that he never actually saw any damage to the hearse, so that part was heresy.

DANCING QUEEN: A 22-year-old woman marched into the Zone 4 precinct and said her “dance permit” was stolen. (FYI, a “dance permit” lets women work as strippers at clubs.) Actually, all the woman’s belongings were stolen, but she seemed most concerned about the “dance permit.” The woman said she needs a police report so she can replace her stuff and the dance permit.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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