The Blotter: TV news disaster

In West Atlanta, cops responded to a ruckus between middle-aged male roommates. The problem: what to watch on TV. A 50-year-old man said he was watching television in the front room when his 51-year-old roommate said he wanted to watch the news. The 50-year-old said he complied and turned the television to a news channel, saying, "Why are y'all watching the news? It's very depressing." The 50-year-old claimed his news-lover roommate didn't like that comment, and jumped out of his chair, yelling, "You don't tell us what to watch!" as he charged the 50-year-old. The two men began fighting, and the 50-year-old admitted that he punched the news-lover roommate several times in the head — but only because news-lover rushed toward at him.

The news lover told a very different story. He said he asked to change the TV channel to the news and the 50-year-old roommate started punching him in the head. The news-lover did have some evidence: a bleeding cut on his forehead.

Given the conflicting stories, the police officer charged both men with disorderly conduct. The news-lover went to the hospital to treat the cut on his forehead. The anti-news roommate went to jail.

In-law media war

A man returned home and saw his wife and his sister-in-law in a brawl, pulling each other's hair. The man and his wife had allowed the sister-in-law and her two sons to stay with them rent-free in their apartment. Outraged, the man ordered the sister-in-law to gather her stuff and scram. As the sister-in-law packed her belongings, she grabbed a VCR controller and hurled it at a flat-screen television, causing the screen to shatter. (Hold on, who still has a VCR?) The sister-in-law scratched the man's face and neck. Then she grabbed the TV remote control and hit the man on the nose. "She also bit him in the left forearm, drawing blood," noted the reporting officer. The sister-in-law fled before police arrived, leaving behind some clothes, car keys, and a car that she'd borrowed from a friend.

Ballsy fake

A man walked into a Downtown police precinct and said that a man was "illegally impersonating himself to be an employee of the Atlanta Hawks." Apparently, the stranger was calling Atlanta physical therapists and trying to hire them for services on behalf of the Hawks. The reporting officer noted, "This person is not known to the Atlanta Hawks organization nor does he have permission or the authority to represent the Atlanta Hawks."

Nude glory dreams

A California woman responded to an online ad for an adult entertainment company based in Atlanta. She said she flew to Atlanta to shoot a video with the company and a guy nicknamed "DJ" picked her up at the airport in a silver car with a missing passenger-side mirror. DJ put her suitcase in the trunk and drove her to a location near a Baptist church in Fairburn, where they planned to take some nude photos of her. When they arrived, the woman said she and DJ both stepped out of the car — then suddenly, DJ jumped back in the car, muttering that he needed to "pick up something." Instead, DJ drove away with the woman's purse in the front seat and her suitcase in the trunk. The woman's stolen items include all her professional makeup, clothes, shoes, two cell phones, an iPad, ID card, credit cards, ATM cards, and $160 cash.

Apparently, this scam is not new. The reporting officer noted, "This is the second incident at that location in the last couple of weeks, where the same male has driven off with the female's belongings."

Baby, you're a (stupid) star

A 22-year-old Atlanta woman said a man claiming to be in the entertainment business contacted her on Instagram with an offer. The man, 30, claimed to be the assistant to an up-and-coming 12-year-old actress/model/hip-hop singer who had appeared on "America's Got Talent." The man asked the Atlanta woman to wire him money for a SAG membership so she could become "a union actress on an upcoming reality show." The woman agreed and sent him $509. Then the man asked for another $209, so the woman wired that money, too. Both payments were picked up in Massachusetts. The self-proclaimed entertainment guru was supposed to fly the Atlanta woman out for an audition/meeting, but that never happened.

Weeks later, the woman realized her SAG membership had not been confirmed. The woman became suspicious about this entertainment guru and did some research. Turns out, investigators are working on two cases involving this guru in Massachusetts and Florida. The woman filed a third case in Georgia.

Sensationalized story

A 26-year-old man said another guy made fun of the way he speaks Spanish. Their verbal spat deteriorated into pushing and shoving. The 26-year-old said the linguistic snob then pulled out a knife and tried to attack him. The 26-year-old grabbed a TV satellite dish to try to protect himself. That idea only partially worked, and the snob stabbed him in upper left arm with the knife. When police arrived, the 26-year-old only had a scratch on his upper left arm and did not want to go to a hospital.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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