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For being very, very mean to his mother

We have horrible news for you, Steven Bone. Creative Loafing, because it's free and has smut ads in the back, is popular in Georgia prisons. That means that your fellow inmates are going to find out what you did to your mama, and we have a hunch they aren't going to like it.

Who would?

Last week, Bone was found guilty of abusing his 71-year-old mother, stealing her Social Security money, and threatening to bury her in the woods if she ever told anyone what he did, according to her testimony at his trial.

The 41-year-old from Cobb County was sentenced to 20 years in prison for, among other things, keeping his mom locked in her Mableton bedroom, sealing the windows — without the relief of air conditioning — and failing to feed her. That right there is some coldhearted shit. Neighbors told Cobb County prosecutors during the trial that the only time they ever saw the elderly woman was when Bone took her to cash those Social Security checks.

When emergency crews were called to the house — by Bone's brother, who was asked by neighbors to check on what was going on — she could barely stand, weighed only 71 pounds, and was close to losing her leg to a simple infection.

Thankfully, lawmakers passed in 2000 the state's Protection of Elder Persons Act, without which Bone would have only been sentenced to 12 months.

What's that, Bone? You thought that since CL is known to be a left-leaning, progressive rag that we'd be soft on criminals like you? Oh, hell no.

We only wish state investigators did a better job of looking after the elderly. The state gets thousands of complaints each year alleging that older Georgians are being physically abused. Yet you, Bone, are the first person to ever be convicted of physical abuse under the 4-year-old law. That ain't right.

But at least you're worrying about something now, if not your mother — such as whether your bunkmate is reading this paper. Because most folks in jail, like most people everywhere, are fond of their mamas.

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