See & Do - Film: Sweet Auburn International Film Festival May 07 2008

Wed., May 7

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Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Sweet Auburn International Film Festival 2008
The SWEET AUBURN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, presented as part of Springfest, brings a particular slice of Hollywood to Atlanta's historic neighborhood with a mix of movies, panel discussions and awards ceremonies, beginning Wed., MAY 7. One of the featured films is Jury of Our Peers, starring Bryce Wilson, Angell Conwell, Drew Sidora and Dorian McKissick. The awards ceremonies will be held Sun., May 11, at 7 p.m. at the King Center's Freedom Hall Auditorium, with celebrities expected to attend and music by DJ Chase. Through May 11. Various locations, showtimes and ticket prices. Sweet Auburn Historic District. sweetauburn.bside.com/2008.

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