Add It Up - Don't believe the hype

Paranoia over ATL

Number of Georgia malls with theaters that were warned by a security company that the movie ATL "could cause potential behavior problems ... Please appropriately prepare your security staffs for the release of this movie.": 7

Minimum number of newspaper and wire service reviews that warned of the movie's violence: 110

Minimum number of reviews that described ATL as a "coming of age" film: 89

Number of people fatally shot after a screening of ATL in what was described as a gang-related fight in a parking lot outside a Chicago theater: 1

Number of other shootings nationwide that the media reported as occurring after a screening of ATL: 0

Number of reported violent acts in Georgia linked to a screening of ATL: 0

Number of violent scenes in the movie: 2

Minimum number of animal-on-animal violent scenes in Ice Age 2: The Meltdown: 4

Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Lexis-Nexis, Atlanta Journal Constitution, ParentPreviews.com