Add It Up - Forest for sale

Bush wants to sell parts of the Chattahoochee National Forest to the highest bidder

Number of acres in the Chattahoochee National Forest: 749,690

Number of those acres that could be opened to logging and road-building if Gov. Sonny Perdue doesn't enroll in a federal forest-protection program: 64,874

Number of Georgians who have signed a petition asking the federal government to protect the forest: 4,314

Number of acres nationwide currently designated as national forest:186 million

Number of national forest acres that the Bush administration has proposed to be sold to the highest bidder to generate money for rural schools: 304,370

Number of those acres in Georgia: 4,522

Size, in acres, of the largest parcel of Georgia's national forest that could be sold: 88

Total number of acres proposed to be sold in the Southern region: 59,434

Number of regions with more national forest acreage than the Southern region: 7

Number of regions with more acreage slated for sale than the Southern region: 0

Sources: U.S. Forest Service, Southern Environmental Law Center