Add It Up - Selling the Braves

Stats on a Major League wager

Amount a group of investors led by former Braves President Theodore Lerner recently paid to buy the Washington Nationals: $450 million

Estimated value of the Braves: $450 million

Rank of the Braves among Major League Baseball's most profitable teams: 12

The Nationals' rank: 4

Braves' revenue in 2005: $172 million

Nationals' revenue in 2005: $145 million

Yankees' revenue in 2005: $277 million

Approximate number of shares of stock Liberty Media reportedly will give to Time Warner as part of the Braves sale: 100 million

Value of 100 million Liberty Media shares: $1.7 billion

Number of Time Warner shares Liberty Media currently owns: 171 million

Minimum amount in taxes that Time Warner will avoid paying by selling the Braves to Liberty: $100 million

Number of years before Liberty will be allowed to sell the Braves, according to tax code: 2

Sources:Associated Press, Forbes, Atlanta Journal-Constitution