Add It Up - You’ll shoot your eye out!

A Few Fireworks Statistics

Nationwide fireworks consumption in 1976, in millions of pounds?29

Nationwide fireworks consumption in 2004, in millions of pounds?236

Number of Georgia House votes cast in April to legalize sparklers?119

Number of feet that the legal sparklers can shoot sparks into the air?20

Degrees Fahrenheit at which sparkles can burn ?1,800

Highest optimum degrees inside a cremation chamber?1,800

Number of boxes of bamboo-stick sparklers recalled after the handles were found to catch fire?1.8 million

Percent of fireworks injuries nationwide caused by sparklers 26

Percent caused by illegal fireworks?4

Rank of sparklers among 13 types of fireworks that cause injuries?1

Sources: American Pyrotechnics Association, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Office of the Georgia Commissioner of Insurance, National Funeral Director’s Association, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2002 Annual Fireworks Report