Word - Shipp wreck

Bill Shipp's 'slip'

Syndicated political writer Bill Shipp, whose column appears in 60 Georgia newspapers, usually is the one writing the news. But Shipp recently made headlines of his own. During a May 20 appearance on the WAGA/Channel 5 political talk show "The Georgia Gang," Shipp, whose politics tend to run on the liberal side, described gay marriage as "faggot marriage." Gay rights groups are now calling for Fox 5 to end its relationship with Shipp, a regular guest on the show. "Georgia Gang" host Dick Williams says Shipp's remark was supposed to be edited out, but producers accidentally played the unedited version.</
"Unhappily, I did use the words 'faggot marriage.' I attempted to be humorous, satirical and over the top, and I achieved only the latter."</
-- Shipp, to CL</
"Mr. Shipp's reference to calling us 'faggots' is clearly indicative of the way some feel about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Georgians. These are the same people who support spending over $100,000 to call our General Assembly back into special session to address an issue that is already illegal in the state of Georgia."</
-- Georgia Equality Executive Director Chuck Bowen to CL, referring to a special legislative session called to reinstate Georgia's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage</
"[Georgia Equality doesn't] understand that the statement was made by their strongest defender on the program. ... Whatever Bill tried, it didn't work. But it was meant to antagonize conservatives."</
-- Williams, host of "The Georgia Gang," to CL