Found Object June 22 2005

FBI case files

Below are excerpts from FBI reports in the Atlanta missing and murdered children investigation . In 1982, Wayne Williams was convicted of two of the murders - and implicated in 22 others. Last month, DeKalb County Police Chief Louis Graham reopened the investigations into five victims, saying he believes Williams is innocent.

"Investigation has developed three possible suspects. Suspect number one: [name blacked out], who is diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, was arrested July 1980 in the neighborhood where [victim Angel] Lanier's body was found. At the time of his arrest, [name blacked out] was wearing a belt fashioned from electrical cord similar to that used to bind Lanier's hands. During interview after arrest, [name blacked out] talked about an evil Friday night when a girl would die if she was not strong enough."

"At approximately, 2:52 a.m., a loud splash was heard in the river under the bridge, and thereafter an automobile was observed on the bridge. The vehicle was stopped. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Wayne Bertram Williams. He denied stopping on the bridge or discarding debris into the river. Williams consented to a search of his vehicle and was thereafter allowed to proceed for lack of probable cause to detain him any further." (Two days later, the body of Nathaniel Cater was found downstream from the bridge.)