Hollywood Product: Death at a Funeral

Dean Craig's British comedy gets new life as an urban remake.

GENRE: Black comedy (seriously)

THE PITCH: An urban take on the British original comedy. A conservative, family-focused Aaron (Chris Rock) desperately tries to hold things together as he leads his family through an in-home funeral service. Things become more complicated as he and his more successful brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence) tries to deal with his father’s close friend Frank (Peter Dinklage) who threatens to reveal disparaging insights about their late father.

MONEY SHOTS: Jittery family friend Norman (Tracy Morgan) tries to help a foul-mouthed, grumpy, wheelchair-ridden Uncle Russell to the toilet. Barely able to hold on to him as he seats him, Norman’s hand gets caught underneath as Uncle Russell relieves himself. When Norman is able to pull his hand away, its covered with shit.