Streetalk: What changes would you make to the Inman Park Festival 2010

'Moonwalk for grownups because the grownups never get to go on the moonwalk ... It's hard for grownups to get in there because you bump into the kids and then you hurt them.'

Jenna:  Maybe charge an admission, a dollar, as a form of crowd control. It's always totally nuts. Everyone is always sweating, and they have their screaming children. I have a screaming child, but I still resent other people's screaming children. You're just going to get trampled by these kids with popsicles stained lips and sticky cheeto fingers and their fat sweating parents. Way too many people. You got to chill that out. You don't want to be in the middle of it because what if someone spooks the herd? What if you get trampled like a Great White concert?

Haki:  More musical performances that gear towards the young urban communities. Maybe some R&B and hip-hop. Last time it was all folk music. Just needs a little urban feel to it, just a little bit so that every crowd can be included. They cater to a certain audience. That demographic is more folksy, more artsy, more '60s, kind of hippieish, nothing wrong with that, they have things to offer — nice art, they make beads and necklaces. It's still good to come out and soak up the culture, but just some R&B, some hip-hop. Bring more people.

Heather:  Moonwalk for grownups because the grownups never get to go on the moonwalk. It's always the little kids in there and I want to jump on the moonwalk, but I'm too big. It's hard for grownups to get in there because you bump into the kids and then you hurt them and then the parents are staring at you and wonder what you're doing in there. I enjoy everything else about the festival. The food is good, the beer, the art is good, I love funnel cakes, but it would be perfect if they would just have a moonwalk for adults.

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