The Blotter February 20 2010

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]GUY CLEANER: At a dry cleaner on North Highland Avenue, the manager said a man walked in and "went into the bathroom and began washing himself in there and getting water and dirt all over the bathroom," according to a police report. She said the same man had been warned several times before to stay away from the dry cleaner. The manager said she banged on the door and told the man to leave, and the "half-naked" man opened the door and began cursing at her. The manager said at some point, the man started to leave and he called her a "fucking bitch" in front of customers. So she called police.

When an officer arrived, the manager pointed to a location about a half-block away, where the suspect was now. The officer went there and arrested the man. The officer wrote, "The male had his clothes lying on the ground and I asked if he had a bag he wanted to put them in and the male responded, 'Throw them away.'"

So the officer left the clothes there, on the ground, and took the man to jail on a disorderly conduct charge. The man, 44, hails from New York City.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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