The Blotter April 24 2010

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]GOLDEN GIRLS AT WAR: Two elderly women — who live on the same street — got into a spat. Police were called to settle it. An 82-year-old woman said she's had an ongoing dispute with a 71-year-old woman, who lives near her on Pemberton Road. She said she was walking past the woman's home, when the 71-year-old woman confronted her, threatened to beat her head with a shovel, and then chased her down the street with the shovel. The 82-year-old said she believes the other woman is off her medication.

A police officer spoke with the 71-year-old woman, who said her property is being damaged on a consistent basis, and she believes the 82-year-old woman's son is responsible for the damage, which started in summer 2009. The 71-year-old woman said she believes the problem began because she hired the 82-year-old woman's son to cut her yard – then later switched to a lawn service. She said paint was splashed on her house, paint was chipped off her front stairs and carport, and drainpipes were bent. She also told police that "trees had bark pulled off them, trees and bushes have been killed, holes put into window screens, paint scraped off the handle of her screen door and damage done to her car," an officer wrote. The 71-year-old woman said she set up a camera in her backyard but she could not get any of the incidents on tape.

Also, the 71-year-old woman said she recently got a dog, and "she believes the dog was choked recently so the dog would not bark when they are in the yard," the officer wrote. Both women believe the other is harassing them, the officer noted. A police report was filed.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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