The Blotter November 14 2009

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]DOWN AND OUT IN ATLANTA, PART 1: An officer dealt with a call about a homeless person sleeping in a city vehicle at Trinity Avenue and Broad Street. The officer said the homeless man exited the car and talked to two city workers who were preparing to leave. “The area in question is a fenced-in and locked parking area for City of Atlanta Planning and Research vehicles,” the officer wrote. “The vehicle is a white Taurus that is parked in a parking space.” Cardboard had been placed against the windows to prevent people from looking into the car. “The vehicle had a lot of trash, feces, urine, food, throwup, drug paraphernalia and a broken window,” the officer wrote. “The suspect advised to me that he has been sleeping in the vehicle for over a month.” The front gate was locked, but the man apparently entered through a piece of fence that was cut open. “The vehicle will be removed by city workers and attempts will be made to salvage what they can.” The homeless man, age 55, went to jail on a trespassing charge.

DOWN AND OUT IN ATLANTA, PART II: On Gun Club Road, a 24-year-old woman was exposing her sexual organs in public, an officer noted. “[The woman] had nothing but a towel on and was causing a disturbance in the neighborhood,” the officer wrote. The woman was charged with public indecency and a computer check revealed she had a probation violation for disorderly conduct in Fulton County. “[The woman] was transported to Grady Detention due to the fact that she is a known demented person and because of the fact that there was a situation several weeks ago where she threatened to kill herself with a butcher knife near the same location, which SWAT had to get involved with,” the officer wrote. “Nothing further.”

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