The Blotter December 19 2009

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]HOLIDAY SMACKDOWN: A brouhaha erupted at a Delta ticket counter at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. A 31-year-old woman was belligerent and using profanity, a police officer noted. "She had taken her purse and dumped the contents out onto the Delta counter," the officer wrote. "I asked [her] to calm down and step to the side so that we could discuss her grievance with Delta. She refused and called the Delta agent a bitch .... She was very loud and flailing her arms about, creating a disturbance .... She then stated to me, 'Bitch, I will take you out.'"

The officer called for backup and told the woman she was going to be arrested. "She proceeded to take off her shoes and throw various items from her purse on the ground," the officer wrote. "She then charged toward me. I stepped to the side and withdrew my ASP baton and commanded loudly for her to stop. She charged toward me again and in an effort to deter her, I struck her with the ASP baton on her right calf and thigh area." The officer again asked her to stop – and she allegedly refused – so the officer struck her again. Apparently, then someone else joined the scuffle.

The officer wrote, "While striking [the woman], her 12-year-old son jumped on my back and began striking me in the back of the head with his fist." The woman went to jail on a charge of obstructing police.

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(Photo Illustration by Tray Butler)

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