Theater Emory's '6x6' introduces new playwrights


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  • THREE LITTLE MAIDS FROM SCHOOL: Stephanie Bruno, Kate Southern, Penny Blackwood Flick in Theater Emory's 2006 'Spring Awakening'

Young playwrights are bustin' out all over. A week after the Alliance Theatre staged the finalists of the Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition, Theater Emory introduces a half-dozen writers with 6x6. Current and former Emory playwriting students penned the six monologue plays, developed during Theater Emory's 2011 Brave New Works festival. Featuring such characters as a serial-killing baker, a dispirited cartoonist, a bitter barista, the 6x6 line-up includes:

"The Book of Joe," by Jiréh Holder (directed by Tim McDonough)

"Incredible," by Esther Albrecht (directed by Donald McManus)

"Is Zoe's Room Available," by Jamie Schlansky (directed by Michael Evenden)

"Milton's Revolution," by Geoff Schorkopf (directed by Pat Miller)

"Rage: Alfred's Sparagmos," by Alexandra Kayhart (directed by Janice Akers)

"Therapy," by Arianna Skibell (directed by Lisa Paulsen)

6x6 opens in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts Theater Lab February 16-18 and 22-25 at 7 p.m. and February 19 and 26 at 2 p.m. For tickets and additional information visit arts.emory.edu, or call the Arts at Emory box office at 404-727-5050.

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