Weekend arts agenda: Seduction, and prayer July 10 2009

There's something about R. Land's Pray for ATL design that inspires feelings of love. Those weathered hands seem so earnest. Especially when they're covered in scales.

This weekend features not one, but two exhibitions uniting art, film, and … fish. The first is Alcove Gallery's Big Tuna anniversary celebration tonight, July 10, from 7 p.m.-midnight. Why's it called Big Tuna, you ask? It's an art show inspired by the films of David Lynch. The name nods to the fictional town in Lynch's 1990 classic, Wild at Heart, a flick starring Nick Cage as a karate-kicking Elvis Presley wannabe. The second is R. Land's Art Opening and a Movie: Zaat at the Plaza Theatre on Saturday. (Click here for Curt Holman's Zaat feature.)

Meanwhile, Whitespace Gallery's Agents of Seduction looks promising. If you miss Friday's opening, there's still printmaker Teresa Coleman's artist talk on Saturday, July 11 at 2 p.m.

For printmaking action of a more socially engaged variety, Jenny Zhang makes two appearances: at the Atlanta Printmakers Emerging Artists in Residence group show on Saturday night, and then at Monday's JUBA SPIDER Panel Discussion at Apache Café.

Plus don't forget Saturday's show at MINT by the plastic Plastic Aztecs, who've received much love recently, including one Creative Loafing article, one YouTube "commercial," and one Studio Visit interview by yours truly.

For more local arts events, visit clatl.com/events or, check this week's visual arts To Do List at BurnAway.org.

(Wheatpaste by R. Land/Photo by Mike Germon)