Weekend Arts Agenda: ‘Domestic Hats’ July 31 2014

“The discipline of architecture needs a swift kick in the ass.”


“The discipline of architecture needs a swift kick in the ass, especially in Atlanta” Jennifer Bonner told me in an email. Thus Domestic Hats, a new exhibit of hers opening at the Goat Farm, where the Emerging Voices Award-winning artist/Georgia Tech professor will exhibit 15 mega-models (and one “super-mega-model,” according to TGF) of roof forms. “I am encouraging ‘misbehavior’ in architecture, particularly at the roof line,” she said.

Bonner said the models are probably closer to “big-big” than “huge,” which doesn’t make their mission any less large: a re-examination/definition of roofing typologies. It is, she acknowledges, “kind of ridiculous to take typical roof types and recombine, stretch, distort, and multiply them as a proposal for new roof forms.”

“So in that sense, ‘misbehaving’ or ‘acting out’ is acting as a prompt to encourage the public, clients, and designers to rethink traditional ways of building and designing,” she said. Domestic Hats evolved from a curriculum initiative at Tech. With 10,000 square-foot of exhibition space, Bonner will also include a series of 49 model homes, 3D-printed and hung up along the walls with their addresses (so you may see for yourself). She says that the exhibit will be attractive to architecture buffs and artistic laypeople alike. For the former, however, a warning before viewing the show: “They also might disagree with it!”

Opening reception Sat., Aug. 2, at 7:30 p.m. (Also: the announcement of the 48 Hour Design Competition winners.)

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In the midst of its 21-city tour, Poncili Creacíon’s Pink Panic returns to Atlanta for a third time at the Big House on Ponce. As the troupe is made up of surrealist puppeteers and performers from Puerto Rico, there’s really no way to write about them sensibly. Word salad gets closer to the truth: pigs, death, inter-dimensional monsters, flaming arrows, the future ,and Baltimore. With opening music by Chris Childs, Gage Gilmore, and Watermelon Moon. Tickets are $7. The show starts at 9 p.m.


PSA: It’s your final night to see Blake Beckham’s Dearly Departures, a modern dance show about connecting. It’s also a modern dance show about split flap displays that are programmed with poetic fragments. We spoke with Beckham last week.


S. Patricia Patterson and Sanithna Phansavanh will open Continuum at Beep Beep. The watercolors, according to the artist statements, both reconstruct and deconstruct perspectives on memory, family, the universe, and matter. In her artist statement, Phansavanh said, “Each piece, in oil, acrylic, or graphite, contributes to a continuing narrative that attempts to define a personal struggle with creation, existence, and permanence.” Patterson said, in part, “I create work that physically manifests the ways we mentally reconstruct our pasts.” But there is a reason the two are exhibiting together: Their pieces more corroborate than disagree. They open the world up. Opening at 7 p.m.