13 Days of Halloween: The scariest yard display?

So far 13 Days of Halloween has beheld scary things (movie trailers, short stories, TV shows, songs, etc.) from a safe distance. Some of the spookiest, most creative visions of the year, however, might be on view right down the street from you at this very moment. The past couple of decades have seen Halloween lawn displays evolve from modest Jack-o-Lanterns to sprawling, grisly spectacles worthy of professional haunted houses like Netherworld. Down the street from my mother-in-law's home in Chamblee, for instance, you can see a giant-sized spider surrounded by fake human bones (at least, I hope they're fake) in an otherwise nondescript neighborhood.

Given that you can't swing a dead cat without hitting morbid yard art this time of year, What's the best local Halloween display you know? Email photos of the scariest or most imaginative outdoor decorations at Joeff.Davis at cln.comif you dare! — and we'll make an on-line slideshow of them worthy of "Night Gallery." It's your chance to can take your monstrous front-lawn tableau viral and scare exponentially more people.

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