True Blood' season 2, episode 5

Hey folks. Apologies for the delay on this week's recap. Summer vacation rang and I answered, so I'm a few days behind. But fear not! Here to combat your mid-week "True Blood" cravings is a look at last Sunday's episode, and boy was it a juicy one.

Daphne leads Sam into the woods behind Sookie's house during Tara's party, shedding various clothing items along the way. (Love those boots!) Sam follows behind, collecting her discarded layers until he comes face to face with a deer. The animal quickly morphs into nudey-patootie doe-eyed Daphne, and Sam, it seems, has finally found his match. Terry and Arlene look on between gropes from a neighboring set of bushes. (Terry: "Good party!") Somehow the foursome is immune to Maryann's belligerent orgy, though. Sam and Daphne are shapeshifters and perhaps "immune" to a certain extent to Maryann's powers, but how do you explain Terry and Arlene? I guess the madness is restricted to the house and it's immediate outdoor areas.

Sookie, too, has met her match, so to speak, in Barry the bellhop. The pair's adventures in telepathy, however, are short lived. Barry hasn't learned how to block out the noise and refuses Sookie's pleas to allow her to help: Barry doesn't want the vampires to find out about his special gift. Big-city vamps, apparently, are way worse than Sookie's pansy small-town blood suckers. Oh no he didn't!