Boardwalk Empire Season 1, Episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3


  • Courtesy of HBO
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEG FOR MERCY: "Boardwalk Empire's" Michael Shannon

That renowned philosopher and James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger remarked, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but the third time is enemy action.” For the third episode in a row, “Boardwalk Empire” features an episode that reinforces the idea that women lack intelligence. On the pilot, the white-faced comedian spouted a bunch of “My girl is so dumb…” jokes. Last week, The Commodore humiliated his maid to make a point about the vote being wasted on women. This week, an Eddie Cantor lookalike sings “The Dumb Ones Know How To Make Love,” which implies that smart women have no fun. It’s as if, with women getting the right to vote, the male power structure has launched a subliminal propaganda campaign against empowered females.

Nucky’s mistress Lucy lives up to the “dizzy dame” image, but she’s perceptive enough to recognize that Nucky isn’t completely satisfied and has an untapped paternal streak. She suggests that they have a child together, and seems to take his demurral at face value. Then she changes the subject thanks to some cream and her cleavage. Lucy’s more effective at recognizing a rival when she encounters Margaret at her knew job at “Le Belle Femme,” and humiliates Margaret in a scene reminiscent of one of Polly Walker’s (literally) naked abuses of power in HBO’s “Rome.”