Georgia misses out on more transit funding

Kind of expected, as the state didn’t even propose any projects

More transit dollars have been missed in Georgia.

From the AJC:

The Federal Transit Administration on Tuesday published a list of 27 transit projects recommended for $1.8 billion in federal funding. Georgia wasn’t on it.

It couldn’t be. Georgia had no proposals up for consideration, FTA spokesman Paul Griffo said.

In contrast to the high-speed rail grants last week, these recommendations would fund development of local transit projects such as new bus and streetcar lines. Those types of projects have usually been in the works for some time and require local investment to win federal funds.

According to transportation wonks we’ve spoken with, it’s the lack of local investment — or even willingness to invest — that’s been Georgia’s biggest obstacle to winning much-needed federal dollars.

It’s looking like Atlanta’s best hope for the next round federal transit funding — which is expected to be announced on Feb. 17 — is the Peachtree Streetcar.