Former Falcons QB Hebert leads parade in drag, local queens weigh in

Former Falcons QB Bobby Hebert led a parade through the French Quarter dressed in drag to celebrate the Saints going to the Super Bowl.

Former NFL quarterback Bobby Hebert (coincidentally pronounced "A-bear") may have spent his final years in the league in a Falcons uniform, but he's always been a Louisiana boy at heart.  He was born and raised there, went to college there, spent the majority of his pro career there with the New Orleans Saints and hosts a popular radio show there.

And apparently does spastic gender-bending dances there.

With the Saints making the Super Bowl this year for the first time ever, Hebert took up his former broadcast partner (the late)  Buddy Diliberto's promise to parade through the French Quarter in a dress if the Saints made it to the big game.

Here are the results.