Fabian Williams canvasses a ‘Composition of Chaos’

Lots of chaos and sketchy compositions added to the free-for-all fun.


Fabian Williams’ third art battle, “Composition of Chaos” took place at the Stuart McClean Gallery on Saturday. Upon entering, guests grabbed either World Wide Arts Federation (WWAF) or Occasional Superstar T-shirts and an awesome mixtape from D.J. Dibiase, while perusing the two-level gallery.

The show itself didn’t start until around 10. This time, the center “ring” was bathed in red light as Williams’ masked character, Exacto, entered the scene. He warmed up the crowd with jokes containing a brief on the narrative: His return to art from a miserable career at “Scamway Global” and the bizarre medical condition, malignant cooties, that ultimately sent him over the edge, pushing him to “capture” artists and force them to battle. Two by two, the artists marched out with a catsuit clad “ring woman,” Sherreice De’Von. Williams’ brother Adrian appeared as a caped-and-masked referee named, Riunite, while hip-hop artist, Sean Falyon served as announcer.